Thunderbolt3 to 10GBE Adapters?


[H]F Junkie
Nov 12, 2003
Have a bunch of new 10GB circuits coming online soon and I'd like to actually be able to test their full bandwidth rather than assume provider made sure everything is alright.

Have a new X1 Carbon 6th gen coming which is equipped with 2 TB3 ports. Been trying to find some SFP+ to TB3 boxes but they are proving much harder to find then I thought. Closest is this:

Unfortunately it requires an external power supply which sucks and is quite a beefy box (8"x4"x1.5")

Would rather have something that doesn't require the extra juice but closest I can find is this:

I like that it's bus powered and that I can use it to test MGig ports once I start buying more of those to support the new 802.11ax AP's. Unfortunately all of my ISP handoffs are fiber with a mix of multimode and singlemode so I would still have to worry about media conversion which sucks.

Anybody have any better luck or suggestions other than buying a full blown PCIE TB3 enclosure?