Thunderbolt 3.0 questions


Jun 9, 2016

Still planning new build, looking at getting one of the new gigabyte z170 motherboards with thunderbolt 3, my question is though can thunderbolt 3.0 support 2 monitors at 144hz? can i pretty much just have a long thunderbolt 3 cable running from the living room (where im moving my computer to) through the wall into my room and connect it to a thunderbolt 3 hub and have it support everything?
Thunderbolt 3 over copper is limited to 3 meter. Optical Thunderbolt is much less limited, but that likely means addition hardware (copper-optical converter).

Bandwidth is currently equivalent to ONE 4K display at 120Hz. You're wanting 144Hz, you'd better not be wanting 4K.
It would be 2 1440p monitors @ 144hz
well..and a third 1440p monitor @ 60hz

Yea. That is not going to work as desired

144Hz 1440p (12.7Gbps) requires a bit more bandwidth than 4K 60Hz (12Gbps)....Intel's TB3 controller is limited to 40Gbps. See that math? Meaning there's no way to even run 2x 144Hz 1440p panels over a single TB3 interface simultaneously.
Alright, then ill probably end up running both 144hz monitors through the wall, then have thunderbolt powering my 60hz monitor as well as everything else. thanks
Different Question. Not sure I am supposed to start a new thread or post it in Thunderbolt 3.0 questions.

I have a laptop with Thunderbolt-3 over usb-c. The Thunderbolt 3 info page says that thunderbolt-3 is backward compatible with usb 3.1, but doesn't say if that means that a hub with a usb-c port and thunderbolt-3 can have a usb 3.1 port on the hub, or if that means that a hub with a 3.1 usb-c port can connect to my pc with Thunderbolt 3 usb-c. I hope my question is clear. There are a number of hubs with 3.1 usb-c but Thunderbolt 3 hubs are either over $300 or aren't released yet. If I can use a 3.1 usb-c, that opens some other hub options for my computer at a slower speed.
Yup, you can use a USB 3.1 hub on a TB3 port. The ports made by the hub will be USB 3.1 ports, not TB ports.