Thoughts On This 12U Rack and Parts?


Jun 2, 2004
My network gear in a closet, in the back under a table on the floor, and I'm about to remodel the closet so I'm going to get this off the floor and into a small rack. The current setup is:
  • ~20 ethernet cables throughout the house terminated into a patch panel
  • 18 port switch and 3 PoE injectors; router is in another part of house
  • Philips Hue bridge
  • Computer/server that takes 5U of space
Can I get [H]'s thoughts on the below 12U rack and parts? It's pieced together on Amazon based on user ratings so I don't know if there's something better, a better place to buy the below compared to the price I have listed, or if the below is overpriced junk:
  • Samson SRK-12 Universal Equipment Rack Stand ($230)
  • 8 Outlet Horizontal 1U Rack Mount PDU Power Strip ($47)
  • AC Infinity Vented Cantilever 1U Universal Rack Shelf ($25)
  • 25 Sets of Rack Rail Screws and Washers ($5)
  • Will buy later: 2U UPS, Unifi 24 port gen 2 switch, possibly Unifi cloudkey
  • Edit: looks like I can't link any of the above (?)
The layout in the 12U rack will be:
  1. Patch Panel
  2. Space for switch and misc junk
  3. Space for switch and misc junk
  4. Rack shelf tray
  5. Power strip
  6. UPS (future)
  7. UPS (future)
  8. Server
  9. Server
  10. Server
  11. Server
  12. Server
I'd appreciate any advice, feedback, or suggestions. Thanks for your time.


Limp Gawd
Sep 23, 2011
I'd go a different direction on the rack itself, that looks like its upright rails are the threaded hole type more common for A/V or telecom than IT gear. It's also a pretty shallow depth which could be limiting in the future if it isn't a problem now.

The square holes aren't an absolute necessity, but some server sliding rails require them as do some UPSs.

What do you like about that rack in particular? Perhaps the solid sides or the dimensions.
I don't know the brand from experience so I couldn't tell you how the build quality is.

Dead Parrot

Mar 4, 2013
Found this data rack on Amazon:

Has the square holes more common for data equipment. Might fit more of the bargain UPS units that sometimes show up in the Deals forum.

Might check local government surplus sales sites. Used racks often show up. Often the 48U versions but sometimes smaller ones. Always get more U then you are sure you will need. You might find some deals on 2 or 3 U server units instead of your planned 1U servers.

Choice really depends on what type of rails/shelves you plan on installing.

UPS units normally go on the bottom due to weight.


Feb 10, 2001
Wana save some money on the rack, there is this:
I bought the 27U version, got it, built it, haven't actually mounted anything yet, but seems very sturdy thus far.

BTW, Don't know what server your going with and if it's on rails, but most railed servers have minimum depth requirements. Like lots of Dell's are 27.5 inch minimum depth. Which is the reason I went with a depth adjustable rack. If depth is not an issue they have a 24 inch depth unit with wheels if that's a requirement (since the one you posted seems to have wheels)
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Gravity Tester
Nov 14, 2004
Depending on where you live, craigslist is usually pretty good for finding network hardware like racks. I got my 12U locally for $100 and it came with a UPS, shelf, and a couple old servers (that I ended up recycling).


Feb 3, 2020
i got mine at local thrift store for about 30. watch out for used ups as they tend to fail on the first outage and not hold the charge.


Jun 2, 2004
Thanks for the advise y'all, especially on the hole pattern so I've ditched the the original 12U on Amazon. I searched around CL, but most were 42U and nothing smaller than ~20U's for miles around. Fortunately, Monoprice is in my backyard so I'm going with their 12U rack and included 2U tray for $130. I'm also buy 24x cat6 cables to give it a streamlined look. Wheels would be nice, but I doubt I'll be moving this once the closet is done.