Thoughts on these results vs seperate sound card?


Limp Gawd
Apr 16, 2004

I'm kind of swaying towards the Max Formula 2 since it's currently offered with a $40 mail in rebate providing you buy a selected Intel processor on the list of the rebate form. Therefore I see the expense as a mere $20 over the price of the P5Q Deluxe which I origional had intended to get.

Now for the question...

Judging from this latest article.. would the onboard audio from the Max Form 2 be that much of a difference from a seperate card of it's own like Creatives X-FI? I understand I won't benefit from EAX 5.0 but, that really is no big issue. If I'm looking at this right, the THD, Crosstalk and Noise levels on the Maximus 2 are really amazing considering how far along onboard audio really has come. Any insights would help.



Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 25, 2006
Many many moons ago in a former life as an "Audio Consultant" at a high end "High Fidelity" shop all I can tell you is that we absolutely loved customers who spent thousands on preamps and amplifiers searching for the .01% THD 20-40KHz with -98Db noise (cross talk I do consider somewhat important) when there is no speaker in the world regardless of price that has anywhere near that level of sound purity. (Of course ridiculous amounts of distortion in a solution indicates crap design, but don't kid yourself that you can hear the difference between .2 and .05 % THD in an amplifier even in the unlikely event you were playing something digitaly mastered by the London Symphony. )

Make yourself happy and get what makes you feel good, but my offering of insight to you is, like video cards are to gaming systems. speakers are to an audio system and high quality speakers are where the bulk of the money should go if you are truly trying to achieve 'high fidelity" quality sound.

For the reason above I do not use sound cards but instead, because "computer speakers" typically have built in crap amplifers" take the onboard output to a nice inexpensive 5.1 dolby receiver I bought refurbished and feed it to real speakers.


Limp Gawd
Jul 9, 2007
I stopped using dedicated soundcards back when nforce2 came out with soundstorm integrated.

Now I use digital out to a Pioneer 5.1 amp and some tannoys, pretty happy with that rig.