Thoughts on Minifourm's elitemini B550?


Fully [H]
Jun 20, 2000
Haven't had a desktop in 3yrs or a laptop more modern than a Surface Pro 2 in that time. Was going to put something together mid 2020, but we all know what happened to the components market and I kept away. Fast forward and I am considering something again.

No heavy gaming. Just don't have the time, or really the inclination. I'll play KSP and that's about it. Have a 1080p monitor that I am not going to upgrade.

Would use this for office type work, photo editing, driving a 3d printer, 1080 gaming

I am considering this thing as the all in cost is better than what I could do piecemeal (non bare-bones come with W11 Pro) and looks like I could add a PSU (which I have two of) then any GPU I was willing to stomach the price on fairly easily, should I decide the APU is not enough. The open frame would not bother me.