Those Wacky Japanese Develop VR Headset to Feed You Candy


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Just when you thought nothing could ever surprise you again I offer up this "unique" use of VR technology brought to us by those crazy Japanese inventors. Case in point is a VR headset that has an arm on it that will feed you candy while displaying your favorite Japanese idol handing you the candy. With that said I think I'll keep my personal opinion to myself on this one and will leave you with this video.

Watch the video here.
The day when that arm gets jammed down someones throat :)
Who wants to start a pool over the day the first video of one of these things with a sex toy mounted on it goes live?
So North Korea has long range nukes, we've done such a bad job raising children that they're eating Tide Pods, don't know what gender they are, and are killing each other at schools; meanwhile the Japanese kids aren't interested in sex and they're making VR headsets that feed you candy.

The world is doing great!
Vr Pr0n with real to life tastes. I can see it now....

Get those authentic copper tastes....
ahhh...the taste of diabetes.
but this could be a great idea for japanese show, random tasting, ahhhh....mmm cockroach
I WILL be asking the wife to get this for me as a Christmas gift and I will mod it out to deliver double stuffed oreo's. I'll keep you guys posted, life is to short not to have this item.
*closes eyes* "AAAHH" Needs to have jar of more candy that it can grab from (on my head ?) . reloading the candy would definitely take me away from the whole experience. Hell setup a picnic blanket and have the robot arm feed me a 4 course meal tyvm
Watch the plastic lose tolerances with age and it start's feeding candy to your nostrils.
The best thing about this is it somehow made it from some horny geek's fantasy to the pitch to the prototype all the way to a finished product... and nobody thought it was a bad idea.