Third party *true* virtual desktop software for Win 10?


Apr 22, 2007
I'm looking for a Dexpot alternative because Dexpot is a dead project. It still works okay but somewhat buggy. The problem with googling this is that, for some reason, a lot of people (and reviewers) think that "virtual desktop" is the same thing as the feature that Win 10 has natively -- which I strongly disagree with! A virtual desktop that I'm talking about is if the desktop items/icons are different for each desktop; otherwise it should be called a virtual monitor maybe, or some other name. If you move physically from one (physical) desk to another, then obviously the items on top of that other desk are different; therefore a virtual desktop should behave exactly the same way, or else it shouldn't deserve that title. Dexpot is a true virtual desktop: my first desktop has one set of folders and icons, and my other desktop is cluttered with a bunch of PDFs.

When I check, it lists options like VirtuaWin, which is not a true virtual desktop! Does anyone know of another software like Dexpot? (I don't mind paying.)