Thinking of making the switch to LCD...Need advice


Oct 17, 2005
First off let me tell you exactly what i'm looking for in a monitor. I'm looking for a size upgrade; a 19 inch LCD is going

to be a huge step up from my 17 inch CRT. I'm looking for something thats easier on my eyes. I'm looking for wonderful

color representation (I hear CRT's look better but I don't know if its all that different), and i'm looking for no ghosting as I do a lot of gaming.

I've been doing a lot of reading of reviews and the major problem i've been noticing is that there are a ton of

inconsistancies. The exact same monitor that people purchase end up having completely different colors and or bleeding or

dead pixels etc. How common is this? Are LCD's really this fragile?

I'm on a very small budget so it has to be $275 or less. (will this be enough to get me a QUALITY monitor?)

Heres ones that really caught my eye...What do you think?

1...BenQ FP91G+ Black 19" 8ms LCD Monitor
....239.99 After Rebate

2...Rosewill R912E Black 19" 8ms LCD Monitor
....219.99 After Rebate

3...AG Neovo CW-19 Black 19" 8ms Widescreen Widescreen LCD Monitor
....264.00 (WOW!!!!)

Now I do realize that CRT's have a better looking screen, but by how much? Will the tradeoff of sharper image for less color

quality really be worth it?

I'm really leaning towards the widescreen because's freaking widescreen and its actually cheaper than the others if my rebate doesn't come back! Only con is the widescreen doesn't have DVI, who knows if thats even noticable though.

Please, please help me decide :) Thanks!!!


Jun 7, 2004
I'm looking to make the switch too, so I'll get in on this also. My setup will be used for about an even split between gaming and design color accuracy is fairly important. I'm not sure if I want to go 17 or 19, either one is an improvement over the 17" (16 viewable) CRT I've got now. Is there anything specific I need to keep in mind in order to meet the requirements?

I'm looking at that BenQ monitor as well...I know someone that just got it and loves it, though he doesn't game much.

Some other ones I found that are interesting:

Samsung 940B - 8ms, 1280x1024, 700:1 for $319

Hyundai L90D+ - 8ms, 1280x1024, 700:1 for $299

Sceptre X9g-Naga - 8ms, 1280x1024, 800:1 for $274

Samsung 740B - 8ms, 1280x1024, 700:1 for $235

I also noticed that ViewEra had a no dead pixel guarantee...and that's a little tempting if it's for real.

If anyone has any other suggestions or know retailers that actually carry these things so I can go see them in person before buying, it'd be much appreciated.

Sorry to Whipsmack for threadjacking, but I figured we could both get the same questions answered with just one thread.


Sep 30, 2005
I am also looking at some of those monitors as well, sadly I need to make myself wait though and pass up on the rebates (though those are never a certain thing any ways). I personally wouldn't go with that widescreen since it lacks a DVI connection. The Samsung 940B was a flop for me (returning it) and I don't trust that Hyudnai, way too many people talking about defective ones on Newegg and lousy service. Sceptre one looks good but has just a 1 year warranty; Rosewill doesn't have a renowned name for monitors either but both look pretty good (especially at those prices).

I need to wait till my roommate shows up with his Samsung 930B to try it on my machine (make sure problem isn't my video card, hehe). After that I will debate between a "cheap" LCD or spend a bit more for a ViewSonic or maybe the Sceptre/Acer widescreen.

From what I have seen and read, LCDs can be fairly touchy. Even one from a "top" company can have a dead pixel or poor back-light, though some a good rep for a reason (overall quality and service). ;) I just wish I could find reviews on the lesser known LCDs.

just my rambling 2cp


Feb 1, 2006
i'm looking to getting that Rosewill 19" - rebate is over but i'm sure another will come around

did any of u purchase the Rosewill? i was comparing it with the Benq

how would you compare those two?

(that AG Neovo sure has a lot of positive reviews, when i was googling it a month ago, there was NOTHING on it, seems to be doing ok)


Limp Gawd
Nov 19, 2005
I just got the BenQ FP91G+ and I love it. It is my first LCD and I don't notice any problems while gaming. Things are very sharp and crisp. I am still trying to get the brightness/contrast how I want them though. Great monitor IMO!