thinking of getting a koolance PC2-601BW

P Masta Flex

Sep 27, 2003

this would be my first foray into the wonderfull world of both overclocking and water cooling, I will canabalize my current system for it and will have to buy a new mobo (i have an intel pearll , doesnt overclock to my knowledge) but I've a couple questions first

a. Chipset cooler, this is a scam isnt it?
b. graphics card cooler, do they work with modern graphics cards? I know NOTHING of these. same with VGA coolers, a little eduacation would be nice.
c. how do you drain these babies?
d. anything else vital?
The chipset cooler actually works. It should do a good job lowering the case temperatures, because that heat doesn't get radiated into the air.

The GPU-180 series of coolers will work on newer video cards. I have one on my All-in-Wonder 9700. They also come with 8 heatsinks for the RAM modules.

There is a drain hole on the bottom of the unit. In theory, you remove the screw and cut one of the lines to drain the system. This, of course, will require replacing the line. It's suggested you drain and refill the system once a year.

I like my PC2-901B. :)
Both the chipset AND the VGA cooler are valuable additions.

When you start pushing the fsb on your CPU, the Northbridge gets quite hot.

Same thing with the GPU on your video card.

I have a ATI X800 pro and I had that waterblock on there in NO time.

I kave the Koolance Exos-AL with 3 waterblocks and I am very satisfied.

My 3.0C is prime-stable at 3.90 GHz with vCore at only 1.55v.
sold then, now I'm just going to wait for some good pci express mobo's to come out for the p4 (probably do all this in september)