Thinking of ditching cable for an Apple TV 3

I ditched cable TV a long time ago. Here in NYC I have the option to use Aereo. Aereo basically let's me watch live TV on the Internet in HD and has DVR functionality. It works great and I don't have to fiddle with indoor or outdoor HD antennas. So for about $25 a month I get live OTA TV plus Hulu + and Netflix streaming. :)
As an owner of 2 Apple TV 3's, and 3 Roku2 XS's, I can say without a doubt that a Roku is better. Toss a Plex Media Server on your network and you can stream your MKVs to the Roku's with on the fly transcoding if needed, as well as to all your PCs and tablets including the iPad. Between me, wife, and 2 kids, we have 4 iPads that get a ton of use. You can also sync movies to your iPad for offline use and PMS will transcode them for you.

For me, I go HTPC in the living room (Intel NUC) with a dedicated Plex Media Server/Handbrake transcoder in the office using a ReadyNAS as storage for all the movies.

So you can put your downloaded TV shows and movies on Plex and watch them anywhere.

My Apple TVs only get used if I want to Airplay but with the HTPC and XBMC I can Airplay to that, and with Airplay built into my AV receiver I can stream right to it. So really honestly, the Apple TVs are nearly never used.

I'd take a Roku over them any day. And they can do Amazon Prime and Netflix as well.