Thinking about getting samsung PN50C550 to replace panasonic p50g10


Apr 2, 2004

I am thinking about giving my panasonic p50g10 which was rated at most places the #1 overall in plasma in terms of price and performance and etc etc in 2009 to my parents

and get the samsung PN50C550 to replace it

what you all think? do it? or no? or is it even an upgrade? or keep p50g10
I'd keep the G10. I was looking at the G10 or the PN50B550 last year and ultimately went with the Samsung because I couldn't see enough of a difference between the two sets to justify the extra cost of the Panasonic. I'm even happier with my choice after Panasonic was smoked out about their problems with increasing black levels. That being said, your quality TV is only a year old and unless you're itching to give it to your parents, I see no point in switching to a similarly spec'ed TV just to have this year's model.

Of course, it is your money and who am I to tell you how to spend it.
I would keep the G10 for sure. The G10 has one of the lowest input lags out there. Samsung has horrible input lag.