Thin(ner) Mouse Pads for Wireless


Limp Gawd
Mar 7, 2019
All my mices are dead or dying.
I prefer a wireless mouse, thinking about a Logitech G305 or 603 (which will be the most I ever spent on any mouse).
My set up is better wireless because of space and I don't like finding myself 'pulling' on cord.

I need to replace my old Alienware pad too.
I like a thin pad that doesn't move around during game play.
Wondering about some of these new game pads that are cloth or whatever they're made of.
  • Resist the spooge that builds up on a mouse and on a hard surface pad.
  • Good sensitivity (ref: wireless)
  • Normal to larger size

Thanks in advance.
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I highly recommend the Corsair MM600. Hard metal, large format, relatively thin, has a "rough" side and a smooth side. I've never had issues with "spooge" on this mouse pad, I have never had to clean it except for brushing it off with my hand. It works great with my Logitech G700s.
I use one of these desk mats for a mouse pad. Very thin, very smooth and very inexpensive.

Yikda Extended

Works as a mouse pad and drink coaster, too. ;)

The thinest I had were Razer Sphex, currently on Sphex v2. Just about a third of a millimeter. I recommend with both hands.