Theta riches: Young Aussie dad turns $17k crypto investment into $1.4m


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Aug 3, 2004
If only the ex knew....would love to hear what she has to say now about "stupid internet currencies"

A 23-year-old Aussie gamer dumped by his girlfriend because of his “addiction” to a cryptocurrency has had the last laugh now that his $17,000 investment has made him a millionaire.

Twitter and Reddit user “Grave” says he bought 100,000 Theta tokens in April 2020, paying 17c apiece.

But six or seven weeks later, his girlfriend found out and dumped him for “wasting my money on stupid fake internet currencies,” he recounted over the weekend.

“Almost a year later, today we peaked at $11.80 AUD im sitting on $1.180 mill and I wish I bought MORE!” he wrote on Saturday.

Last year I was nearly broke and went spiralling downwards.
This year thanks to $THETA #theta & #tfuel im sitting on $1.3 million #AUD
There is always a way
— Grave (@GravedinGaming) March 11, 2021

Grave is doing even better today, with the livestreaming token hitting a fresh all-time high of $US10.99 ($14.25) at 1.30pm AEDT.

At 2.09pm, Theta tokens were trading for $US10.76 ($13.95), up 11.5 per cent in 24 hours, giving the young father a nominal net worth of $1.4 million.

From their launch in February 2018 through last July, Theta tokens changed hands at less than US30c, and were available for US6.8c a year ago. That’s a 167-fold increase in the past 12 months.

Reached by Stockhead on Twitter, Grave declined to reveal his real name, saying he hadn’t told a lot of his family about his good fortune just yet.

“People who choose to follow me on will will learn my identity in due time :)” he messaged.

Grave said he had cashed out $300k worth of Theta to buy a new car and “live comfortably”, but planned on buying more on the dips whenever he could, with a goal of accumulating 150,000 tokens.

“I plan on selling more theta once it has surpassed $1000,” he wrote optimistically.

A screenshot Grave posted in May is strong corroboration for his story, showing he was bullish on the cryptocurrency long before it went parabolic.

Keep doing good things @Theta_Network
— Grave (@GravedinGaming) May 24, 2020

As he alluded to, Grave has his own gaming channel on, the decentralised livestreaming video delivery network powered by the Theta token.

By attracting viewers, influencers earn rewards in the form of TFUEL tokens, the other token in the Theta ecosystem.

Theta’s rise and rise​

In the past week and a half, Theta tokens have leapfrogged five other mostly older and better-known tokens — Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, Stellar and Dogecoin — to become the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, according to Coinmarketcap.

Theta tokens are collectively worth $US11.2 billion, putting it just behind Chainlink, according to the website.

Grave wrote on Reddit he decided to invest in the token only after a lot of due diligence.