Thermaltake Purepower 560w PSU


Jun 19, 2003
Is it any good?

My main concern is the stability of this PSU, and the noise level. Is it worth the price?

Note: I cant buy any PSU other then the TT one, because here where I live, its either that or a generic one...
I do not have any personal experience with this supply, nor did I even know that they (TT) made a 560w PSU. However, I would *always* take a non-generic PSU over a generic, regardless of cost. Ask yourself, what costs more: A good PSU now, or a cheap PSU now and a new system later when it kills all of your parts.
Speak of the devil .. I just bought the Tt 560w pp today and its a very nice power supply. All my power rails are spot on and the active FPC and the 115/230v auto switching will come in very handy (If for some crazy reason I decide to move to Europe :p ) . The wire management was also a massive reason for the purchase of this psu as its very handy for increased airflow. Now for noise, I couldnt tell you.. with 6 case fans and a Volcano 7 I dont hear one fan over another.. though ive heard its very quiet. ;)
If you want to get one just make sure it has a decent warranty. I'd go with enermax or something like that though.