Thermaltake CTE cases

Those 2 in the middle look reminiscent of the Corsair Air series, whereas the others just look like moar of the other 713,346.58 same ole same same rectangular boxen of yesteryear....rotated components notwithstanding...
The cases are out now

Mix of Fractal Torrent + FT02/Raven + O11 Dynamic and you get this :)
This thing can mount 2x200mm fans front and back

This might be the year of the upright GPU look


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KitGuru review

Nice to see Dust filters on every intake/exhaust - included
A pretty rare thing these days....

Keen to see 2x200mm Noctua fans front and back on this :)

But the cable I/O routing is so convoluted, nothing as simple as on my FT02....

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I think I like this even more than the CM 700 and Lian Li 3000. You can't beat the price with a stick! The only quibble is the io placement...but honestly how often do you monkey with the rear io connections after the build is complete anyhow. I'll have to dig around for some more wcing builds in it, to see how my pumps and res will fit into the rear rad/fan position.

It may just be time to retire the old x71 afterall. And finally get rid of these awful Corsair ml120 pros!
Tech power up seems to give it a more favorable review and even better thermal results.

They only used the stock 3 fans in their tests... :/

as far as thermals go, having air coming in equally from 3/4 sides is going to cause issues.
It would be better if the bottom intake was the dominant one, and dial the other fans way back

Also in the Hardware Cannucks video, it looks like the CPU is doing well but not the GPU.
From owning a Silverstone FT02, some GPU especially the ones with vapor chambers do not like the vertical upright position.
They can run 5-30 degrees warmer
The Asus Strix is known to not like this position.
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The way I'm seeing the airflow set-up is, HWL SR2 420 in front, HWL GTX 360 in back as primary means of airflow. All other fans are going to be for looks until testing proves they are useful.

140s up top- no point in their impeding the front to back flow. Possibly inlets.

Bottom rad spot- either empty or a HWL GTS 360 (not sure if I'll have any fans pushing through it or not, space dictating)with D5 dual pump top mounted on top of the GTS. Reservoir mounted in the back rad/3 fan position as seen in the other wced rigs.