The world of MVNO's: 2017 experience and recommendations

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    Jul 25, 2005
    I have written elsewhere about the experience of buying an LG G6 unlocked that won't work on Verizon. Fortunately, there are a ton of MVNO's out there.

    The top 2 on my list at the moment are MetroPCS and Consumer Cellular. This is based on reviews on consumer reports and thewirecutter.

    Wife has iPhone 6s and we are light data users (under 2gb per month combined) since we use the wifi at home. Also, I know where one lives and works is an important factor, and we live in the San Jose area of California. We have no landline phone.

    It gets rather complex studying the various MVNO's with all of the details. So, as of mid-2017, looking for experiences and recommendations of folks around here on MVNO's.
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    Jul 23, 2010
    CDMA based mvno vs GSM based mvno
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    Dec 23, 2001
    I rather have metro. Better nation wide coverage and metro = tmoblie
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    Of the two, MetroPCS. It's not really an MVNO, more just T-Mobile's low-cost brand. More coverage, as Vengeance said, but you'll also have more support and the knowledge that you won't be waiting ages to get the latest cellular service (or devices, if you ever get a carrier-locked phone).

    I wish Project Fi supported more than just Google's own phones, because that'd be my pick otherwise.
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    I use Boom! Which is on Verizon. Excellent deal. Infinite talk/text 5gb of data for $45.

    Customer service is good. The only downside is they don't have an app or a way to view data usage online. So it's harder to keep track of that. I'm not a heavy user of data in general. I don't do streaming while on data as I have a 128gb iPhone that also acts as my iPod.

    But considering I'm on the best network by far in my area and it's the same cost of Cricket I can't complain. The customer service is a big deal since this for me is for work. And having something unreliable and spotty especially in my home was just unacceptable.

    I've also used Cricket, which has bad reception in my home area and generally isn't as reliable as Boom! I've found in general. Even in DTLA I rarely if ever maxed bars.

    I've also done Ting which is on Sprint. Same problem as above. Reasonably easy to use. But is only good for low usage users. I found that after using 300 minutes, 500 texts, and 1gb of data it just made sense to move to an unlimited talk/text plan with allotted data, as it was less money AND I didn't have to monitor or be careful with my voice/text usage. (In case you're not aware, Ting is post paid. You only pay for what you use. $6 a month to keep the line open, then it's ala carte for what you use. )

    I would actually recommend Ting to a specific type of user. For my Father it's perfect as he might only use his phone once a month. So only $6 to keep the line open, as well as have it for an emergency is pretty nice. Also useful for those going out of country for say a year or so and don't mind paying $6 month to keep their phone number.


    So the long and the short, I would recommend Boom! Very happy with the service, and glad to have coverage everywhere I go.
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