The Wolf Among Us 2 (Telltale Games)


Fully [H]
Oct 25, 2004
Much like the original Wolf Among Us, the sequel is each episode of its five-part season will release throughout 2023...however, the studio is developing Wolf Among Us 2 as if it were all coming out at once, meaning there should be fast turnarounds on episode releases

Wolf Among Us 2 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X S, and PC...

Cool. Really liked the first one. I though TTG went belly up a couple years ago.
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First one was good, I'll have to replay it to get the story again.
I could be misremembering but the first one had a strange surprise, I did not had to pay for the new chapter has they came out it was all included in the first cost, which surprised me because I would have paid a couple of bucks without question.
I liked the first one so much i bought the entire comic series it's based on. :) (Over a 100+ comics)