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Apr 10, 2003
The U.S. Justice Department has charged three Taiwanese nationals and United MIcroelectronics Corp (UMC) in addition to Chinese state-owned Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co. with stealing intellectual property from the U.S. largest memory maker, Micron Technology Inc. Attorney General Jeff Sessions denounced China for not honoring the agreement between the U.S. and China that stipulated that China will not "target American companies for economic gain," Mr. Sessions said. "Obviously, that commitment has not been kept." Jinhua has already been dealt a death blow as it is blocked from receiving exports and technology from American companies. Thanks workshop35 !

Also on Thursday, Mr. Sessions announced a new "China initiative" to better combat theft of trade secrets, bribery, illegal foreign lobbying and business deals that could give foreign investors access to critical U.S. technology. Mr. Sessions said that as part of the initiative, a new working group of Justice Department officials, including the top federal prosecutors from districts in California, Texas and other states, would increase law-enforcement engagement with U.S. universities, where the Justice Department believes Chinese Communist party initiatives target technology and threaten academic freedom.
China has to be saying, "So what?" as they continue their IP theft through other routes. This isn't a 2018 problem, this goes back more than 20 years. In fact, China was amazed that the US was willing to allow their state-sponsored students to learn at American universities, particularly at the doctorate level where the cutting edge research is done. China was amazed that they were able to buy technology-rich companies that were failing against other US market giants. Those conquests are history, and now the idea that Jeff Sessions standing behind a podium accusing China of stealing US IP is bothersome to China is ridiculous.

Do we have anything with teeth? We can sanction China, but so many large and small companies depend on China for goods that I'm wondering if the Justice Department would be allowed.
China's been waging an ice-cold war on the US for decades.
Nice to see the US fighting back.

They've really been 'waging it' since we opened up trade with them- with Mao. Unofficially and many times officially, and we went into it with eyes wide open. We're just adjusting our expectations of the relationship while evaluating the evolving advantages and disadvantages.
If they have to steal our IP, then why allow any of their own people to come here under H-1B Visas? Keep your 'smart' people at home and build your own crap.
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Can't complain. However, I don't expect China to honour extradition. I can imagine them making a show out of punishing their own with one hand, but encouraging similar dishonest activity with the other.

Edit: I just looked into it more, apparently they are quite cooperative with extradition. My last point is yet to be proven. ;)
IP theft can do some real damage to companies. They lose market share when the other companies in China start making the same shit for cheaper. :(
I love how the Keebler Elf found his voice in politics!

You go, Elf!!
Oh no blocked from receiving exports from US companies, so some other nonblocked Chinese company gets exports and passes them on.
The smart ones use Taiwan.
It's ridiculously easy to avoid export controls, the amount of easy backdoors to supply non-lethal millitary gear (optical related) to people it shouldn't be is insane.