The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

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I love AMD because Intel is the debil. At least that's what my husband tells me. :)
I like AMD due to the fond memories I have of overclocking an Athlon XP 2500+ and marveling at the performance increase over the Intel processor it replaced.

More recently, I like AMD because their video cards make me money.
Price to performance ratio.

(Also for fixing the nightmare that used to be ATI's driver installation/upgrade process.)
AMD is THE company that drives the CPU development forward. Without them we would still be lagging on intels pentium perocessors :cool:
I paid $1,039 for a FX-60 processor when they first came out, if that's not love for AMD, I don't know what is. I did it to run Oblivion was good as it could be run at the time.
I have loved AMD since the k6 II 400. It is always fun to try to overclock an amd. AMD always comes out with somthing to force the competition to innovate even if the amd chip isnt the fastest. And without AMD who would compete with Intel and Nvidia to keep prices affordable?

Oh almost forgot, Nobody supports the community like AMD and [H].:D
The wife and I have 2 ASUS Crosshair V mobo's with an X3 and X4 in them...

An X6 would hold me over till Bulldozer. =]

But AMD is yummy :D
AMD processors have a great amount of value per price and performance.
I love AMD for their GPUs (price/performance/power usage). I'd like to have a free chance to also learn why to love AMD for their CPUs ;)
Amd has some powerfull well priced CPU and dope video cards. Also for the sake of sakes John.
I never had a AMD processor for a personal computer. I am still waiting for bulldozer though to see what I should go with amd or intel. AMD is a great company though.
I love amd cpu's i still have 2 computers in my house running them, one has been running close to 24/7 for 10 years
I love AMD processors because the Athlon XP 2400+ machine I built in 2003 is still alive and kicking as my brother's backup computer!
I don't want them to disappoint me with Bulldozer, cause their video cards been in my rigs since the x-series days. The Opty series was the last AMD CPU I had, I'd love to change back to them
I'd win for the game alone. Throw in an AMD processor! EPIC CHICKEN DINNER!

I like AMD for their affordability. I'm on a budget and they don't charge a premium!
I love AMD processors because they work and are pretty smooth, however I am a bigger fan of Directron than I am AMD. I've been buying stuff from them for years and I remember one of my first purchases came with a part missing (manufacturer fault I think, not theirs). I called them and their customer services shipped me a replacement the same day with no extra charge.

Multiple years of purchases later and I still think they have some of the best customer service in the biz. Except when I entered their Father's Day give away for some Intel bbq tools. Days go by and I forget all about it, then one day a backpack-sized Intel bbq grill shows up at my house. That was a good day :D
AMD rocks because I've building AMD based rigs for years and has never let me down. They give Intel heartburn, too.
Why do I love AMD and its processors? Despite the fact that the PC in my signature is an Intel based machine, this year I have bought over $1,500 worth of AMD CPUs for use in other people's machines.

I've had first hand experience with the whole gamut of chips, from the venerable AMD Athlon II X3 to the mightly AMD Phenom II X6 1100T.

For gaming PCs, I generally tend to use the Athlon II X4, but if the gamer is on a severe budget, I go with the Athlon II X3 (and, thank you, AMD, for allowing me to unlock cores and overclock without special SKUs and motherboards). These chips (paired with an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card) are more than enough for any modern game at amazingly beautiful settings. General purpose performance is also superb. The best part? I don't pay more than $99 for these CPUs.

For higher end gaming PCs or productivity machines, I very often use the Black Edition Phenom II X4 and X6 chips, pair them with an excellent cooling solution, and overclock them like crazy -- even on a budget $60 board! They're fast, overclockable, and just awesome.

But on top of all that, I love AMD's processors because they keep the CPU race interesting. I spent the greater part of my childhood and certainly my teenage life following hardware sites like mad, always waiting for the latest and greatest in the CPU wars. AMD changed the game with the original K7 Athlon and since then has kept our industry fiercely competitive, bringing awesome new technologies before the competition such as a fast point-to-point interconnect, integrated memory controller, and 64 bit computing.

I can't wait for AMD's upcoming FX chips, and I'm eager to see what this new "module" design will bring to the x86-64 CPU world.

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AMD CPU's are awesome because you got a lot of bang for your buck.
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