The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

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Love the AMD processors b/c I always look for the best price/performance ratio. Also, they did the right thing keeping the socket compatibility going so long.
AMD has always offered me the best bang for my buck...not just at time-of-purchase, but years later. I'm still using Socket 754 Athlon 64's around the house because they're still decent performers, all these years later.

Every CPU in my house is an AMD CPU, hopefully one of these X6's can join their ranks :D
A lot of people say Price:performance....

This is true... however, my reason is they are EXTREMELY flexible.

The CPU's are PURE awesomeness for Virtualization
The C-50 in my "Media" Laptop sips power even w/ 1080P (AND still supports AMD-V)
and AMD/ATi are stellar... eyefinity, 4x GPU crossfire, Getting excited just thinking about it..

I could keep going, but I don't have to... They are IMHO just that good.

been a AMD fan since Athlon K7 CPUs. I have had Athlon XPs, MPs with Tyan boards..the good ol days. I currently use a Intel Q9650(I got the CPU for free), but my next build will be the bulldozer.
I love AMD processors because of the K6 and without competition the market would go stale.
I own two HD6950s and I love AMD. Thank you for bringing multimonitor gaming to the mainstream.
Best gaming rig bang for your buck when it comes to CPU's. It's the smart persons CPU choice.
Love AMD because the Slot A was my first processor I installed and it was a beast for yearsplus I've been an ATI fanboy since the 8500's(didn't reboot machine at random when playing DAoC like someone)
Eventhough I have only owned one of their processors, I like AMD because its very affordable and the performance is great.
Price / Performance ratio has almost always been better for AMD. Besides, someone has to pull for the underdog.

I like free stuff too..........

Fish :cool:
I've been a supporter of AMD products ever since I started tinkering with computers.
I think the best part about AMD is the fact they try to make their CPU's work with Intel technology as well as their own! Like even in the old MMX & 3DNow! days ahhh fun fun fun
Plus the price/performance ratio has always been better imo (unless you find a slickdeal)

Oh, and maybe the fact they listen to their customers complaints, issues, etc... Kinda helps when developing better tech.

ps, maybe this can be the first random drawing I'll win but even if I don't I will still be proud to rock my AMD gear :-p
pps, Robert!
Been an AMD fan for years. They have always suported the community with better performance for the price, easier overclocking options (Palamino pencil tricks :D) held the performance crown for many years, and will have it again soon with Bull Dozer. Having ATI under the umbrella also helps (been a fan of ATI since the 9700 days).

Note: Need to update my systme specs.
I like AMD because competition makes great products (see Radeon HD6x00 series). Also, their Athlon XP chips rocked back in the day.

PS: Middle name is Dmitriy.
My first 64 bit CPU! Used to make fun of my friends who stayed with Intel and the horrendous P4 :D. Can't wait for Bulldozer!
I've been a fan of AMD ever since I crushed the core on my Duron CPU while trying to install it (totally my fault) and they replaced it anyway.
Because they are a good competitor to Intel's processors and competition is always good for the consumer. Also, their price/performance ratio > Intel's price/performance ratio :cool:
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