The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

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I love AMD because when I was broke as hell I could still afford their processors. Unlike with intel where you have to sell a body part to be able to afford a gaming system. From the Phenom, Thunderbird, Athlon, K6. K5 and the AmX586 they have always had me covered with great technology that fit my budget! Now with the Bulldozer coming out. How could I go with anyone else? You can't beat that kind of record.
frankly..I prefer intel..but a new amd cpu might be a reason to build a new rig and see if its really worth it!
I always use AMD processors because they are at the best price/performance spot when I am building a system. Also my amd stock purchase when I was in university paid for a semester of my schooling when the Athlon 64 launched.
Converting people from console gaming to PC gaming is easier when they realize that good computers can be inexpensive.
Reasons I love AMD processors:
- I've owned AMD processors as far back as Athlon XP 2600+

- They're more affordable than an Intel CPU. For $400 I can buy myself a board/CPU/RAM for an AMD build that's actually high mid-range. For $400, I can only get a Intel Core i7 2600K processor, nothing else.

- AMD pushes innovation and change in the industry. AMD's APU is a good example of this. Also, you don't have to have a hot, power-hungry GPU to have the best performance in a game.

- They're the David versus the Goliath in the CPU industry. They have better price/performance compared to Intel.

Thank you AMD.
AMD makes quality processors for a decent price. The Thubans make great processors for multitasking and video encoding. They currently are focusing on apu which seem to be a great price for what you are getting.
to make things short, I like AMD because its the best bang for the buck ;)
I have been using AMD processors in my gaming PCs for years. I always save the extra money for a faster video card and end up with the most fun per $$$$.
An Athlon XP 2600 was at the core of my first real gaming build and I still keep an AMD yo-yo on my gaming shelf.

AMD will always have a place in my home.
Currently have a Thuban 1055T and would love to bump it up since I have a mb that supports the drawing for once. Have been loving this cpu, but did wish I had gotten the 1090t.

Plus the Deus Ex coupon makes it a really sweet deal. :D
I love AMD for their price/performance. I have one in my server right now!

And... the first PC I ever built from scratch was an AMD 386. Since then I've owned close to a dozen other AMD chips :)
I am currently running an X2-3800 in my PC at home. This would be a welcomed upgrade (pending MB and RAM purchase). This is a great first step to getting a new rig.
I build computers as a hobby for family and friends. At first I used Intel processors and then I build my first AMD system for myself. After that It has been only AMD. All I recommened and all I will build. Never a problem with an AMD processor and the speed, overclock ability, stability are exceptional.
YES, I am an AMD junkie!!!!!! Thanks AMD!!!
AMD helps to push the competition buy releasing competitive products at (usually) reasonable prices. They've kept Intel and Nvidia products from stagnating in features and skyrocketting in price.
I have been using AMD for the last 10 years and have never been disappointed. :D
I love AMD because of the competition. Need some bang for the buck. It seems that half of the system builds I do are AMD.
I've used AMD for all of my builds starting with the early T-bird processor up till my current BE 960. You gotta love the performance per price you get with AMD.
Cost/performance - whenever I need a great computer for someone on a budget, I usually end up with an AMD system.
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