The Supreme Court Has Refused to Vacate Net Neutrality Ruling by Lower Court

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    Sorry if you don;t like me calling out the resident wanna be know it all.
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    Edit: to not be just like you, your original comment made almost no sense in context of the discussion, thus facepalm. Then you doubled down on it with a side of trolling, eyeroll, facepalm, meh.

    If you have something real to add, please do so.
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    Wrong again. For most of it's existence, ISPs have been classified under the same rules as Telecommunication companies, which puts them under the purview of the FCC. These rules were changed by the FCC under Bush, then restored under Obama. So long as they are considered Telecommunication companies, ISPs can be regulated by the FCC via the Telecommunications Acts.

    Seriously, this is Civics 101 we're talking about; do you have any idea whatsoever how your government works?
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