The old 512->1024 question...

Jan 30, 2003
P4 2.53ghz 533FSB
512mb Corsair XMSC2 PC2700 on i845 chipset (which only supports PC2700, so increasing speed of stick I put in there is futile except overclocking, which I'm limited anyway...SFF computer with few options to do so)
R9500Pro 128mb
WD 160gb SE

Blah blah blah not much else could matter in terms of performance.

Chiefvalue has Rosewill 512MB DDR400 for $42 a stick shipped. For nonmath majors, that'd be 84$ for the gig.

I need to buy ram for a system I'm building for my grandfather anyway, so if I wanted to, I could buy 2 sticks, stick them both in mine, and give him my Corsair. For the extra $42, is it worth buying 2 sticks instead of one and doing this?

I'm really not a huge gamer, especially not at school, and can't remember the last time I even played a game for a period of time longer than 20 minutes. Is there/would there be a noticeable performance increase in other tasks? IE general windows stuff, some dvd movie creation (ripping/compacting/burning...for backup purposes)?

What say you, memory experts?

Thanks. :)


Mar 4, 2004
ehh maybe not for general stuff but if you want to ever do some dvd creation like you noted and photoshop i believe its worth it. Plus its only 42 bucks.