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My desktop



win 8.1 Update -64 bits
WindowBlinds -Rumba Mod
Wallpaper Mod personal use
Icon personal use Mod
Tlb player
^ could you please post a link to that wallpaper ?

[edit] thank you !!
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I just can't have alot of startup icons on my desktop. For some reason it frustrates me when I see that many icons on my desktop.
I guess it has been long enough, and my desktop has significantly changed.

Click to embiggen:

Clean and functional is the way I like it. Basic Linux Mint Cinnamon, with some architectural shots from my camera.

The blakc on top of either side screen are areas where there is no monitor :p
Damn ive missed this stuff. Used to love using rainmeter to be a ricer on Windows 7 lol
As the closed beta starts today and I haven't received an invite yet (but still hoping), I grabbed a wallpaper just to get me in the right frame of mind in case that invite shows up:

And since I stepped outside earlier this morning to see the USAF Thunderbirds practicing over Nellis AFB here in Las Vegas (just to the northwest of my downtown location) I figured why not:


The full size image is called "Reflection" and it's featured at the Thunderbird's home website (in the Media section, click the Media downloads link to get the really high resolution shots) along with many others in case you're a fan of beautiful aircraft:

win 10-64 bits -version 1511 update
cursor fx
Avedesk- icon ovo Mod by me -personal use
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Isn't this supposed to be the "clean desktop" thread? Some of these desktops are super busy! What do you guys consider cluttered?!




win -64 bits
dock ObjectDock Plus
Atomic alarm clock
Winstep Xtreme
Xion player
cursor Fx
WindowBlinds suite Hexagon

My current setup.. I need a new secondary monitor, the size difference is killing me.

Working on my Win 10 rig, so, using a backup computer, running Linux Mint 18. It's frustrating.

Anyways, being single, I always set up rotating pics of beautiful women. With wonderful breasts.

That's what makes me happy. Eye candy.

I would post a desktop grab, but it would be NSFW.