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    The Networking FAQ
    Please note that this is not an all-inclusive how-to guide. Nor are all explanations in exact technical detail. It is a general purpose FAQ for people that are new to networking. That being said, for all intents and purposes any generalizations found therein will be considered appropriate and should be expected. If you find an error (broken link, technical inaccuracy, etc) or have something meaningful to add to the FAQ, please submit your info to a moderator to have it included.

    First things first: Check this site and follow the instructions in conjunction with reading this FAQ.

    Q1. What networking devices are typically used in making a network work the way they do?

    Q2. I have two or more computers and a cable modem, now I want to have all working together and able to access the Internet. What do I need?

    Q3. What is NAT/PAT and do I need to use it?

    Q4. I have just two computers that I want to network together and I don’t want to buy a hub or switch; isn’t there a special cable I can use?

    Q5. I'm thinking of setting up a small wireless network. I just want to network a few computers. Do I really need an expensive Access Point?

    Q6. How do you share an xDSL or cable connection across multiple computers without spending too much money?

    Q7. I'm afraid of Linux can I use a Windows based router?

    Q8. Where can I get a good firewall?

    Q9. I just installed my home network, what IP address should I use?

    Q10. I'm running/have a firewall, home router or ICS. How can I set up a web, ftp, mail server, quake, Half-life or UT server on my home internal network so that people on the internet can see it??

    Q11. I just installed my network but my computers can’t see each other in Network Neighborhood.

    Q12. How to I make sure that NetBIOS is enabled?

    Q13. I have a computer with Windows 2000 Pro that has a share folder but every time I try and access the share folder it asks me for a password but nothing seems to work.

    Q14. How do I network together my home machines?

    Q15. Why does Windows XP Home not work with my Windows 2000 Server and/or a local login domain?

    Q16. How do I speed up my dial-up connection?

    Q17. How do I limit bandwidth in windows so other people don’t steal all the bandwidth of my cable/adsl connection?
    Q(a). Does it work if the machine is used as a proxy server?
    Q(b). So what if you have another machine on your network that needs the full bandwidth, would you need to add another NIC ? or create another route to the modem itself ? or the router ?
    Q(c). If ran on a workstation, does it run hidden? so the user cannot remove it?

    Q18. What is DHCP

    Q19. I want to have a domain name so I don't have to remember my computer's IP address. Where can I get one for free?

    Q20. I have a dynamic IP address and I would like to have a domain name. Is this possible?

    Q21. I want to control one of my networked computers remotely, how do I do this?

    Q(a). What ports does VNC use?

    Q22. How do I become a Network Administrator?

    Q23. How do I bypass/circumvent my school's/work's firewall or proxy server?

    Q24. How do I test to see if my DNS servers are set up correctly?

    Q25. Will upgrading to Gigabit help my network?

    Q26. Can I remotely administer another computer over a secure connection?


    Q27. What are the different types of cable for LANs?

    Q28. I want to crimp network connectors myself. What is the correct order for a straight-through cable and a crossover cable?

    (Please PM KaosDG if you have a good networking link as opposed to cluttering up this thread with links)

    Making a Computer into a router/firewall with a specific operating system: (Another easy to use NAT router, single floppy disc, etc etc. Has a Windows based boot floppy creator, and supports lots of different NICs).
    E-smith/SME Server (linux based router/firewall software (OS))

    Note that both of these are no longer available. If you have a good one, please PM KaosDG with the updated links

    Networking Informational Sites:

    Setting up a Webserver on Cable/DSL and general server tips/info: - Old, last updated in 2005 but left here in case

    Networking Computers "How-To":


    Security Self-Test: This is Now part of Symantec, link:


    Types of Networking Besides Ethernet:
    The Standards of Wireless Networking:


    People that make assorted networking hardware (general list): (Also has info about networking)

    Terminology, Lingo, Definitions:

    Popular Networking Tools

    Additional FAQs related to networking & security:

    Security FAQ #1

    Security FAQ #2

    Anti-spyware Primer

    Cisco FAQ

    Subnetting FAQ

    IT Certifiction Primer

    IT Resume Thread

    Telecommunicatios Primer

    Wireless FAQ:
    In progress
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