The Memory Market Still Has Growth Potential

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    Mar 3, 2018
    According to CK Chang, president of the memory module firm Apacer Technology, the memory market's future might not be as grim as some organizations predict. In an interview with Digitimes, Chang said that DRAM demand is picking up thanks to seasonal factors, and that predicted price drops come from supply side issues. He says that prices will stabilize to "reasonable levels" in 2019, and that threats from Chinese DRAM manufacturers remain to be seen. Meanwhile, NAND prices are expected to stabilize after a flash oversupply in 2018.

    Prices for consumer SSDs, for example, have halved since the middle of December 2017. Prices for 120GB models have dropped below US$0.20 per gigabyte. Such unreasonable price levels indicate that the supply chain has been flooded by substandard NAND flash chips. Substandard NAND flash chips could destroy SSDs and cause a certain level of damage to data. Nevertheless, some firms still intend to sell lower-quality SSDs to respond to the continued decline in NAND flash prices. Such development will ultimately disadvantage end consumers.
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    Any vendor shipping SSD's with substandard flash chips will end up destroying their reputation.
    This is also why I'll only buy name brand SSD, like Samsung, Crucial and Intel.
    Not worth risking your data to save a few bucks.
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    Jun 23, 2017
    Woah, buddy, 1TB MLC drives were $200 every day, not on sale, and ones that consistently had good reviews for many months, a year? Before they started colluding on prices. That was several years back. Before TLC existed...

    Substandard flash chips. Yes, QLC is a substandard flash chip. That's the actual nature of the technology.

    A car dealer will tell you your car has advanced traction control, because four wheels are technically a sort of advanced traction control versus no wheels? It is a true statement, but you gotta really do your own research to understand what's going on... So sad.