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Sep 10, 2007
CY ATX 8Pin Female to 8pin Male 180 Degree Angled Adapter for Desktops Graphics Card

Unfortunately the two pack comes in two orientations. You'll need to buy two of them and get two one way and two the other way if you have dual connections.

I originally got them because prior to the build because people were saying the ftw3 card is so large that the power cables press against the glass on the o11d. I didn't have a problem, but since I already bought them I just used them. Just put this build together on Sunday. First build since 2012.
This is an old post, I know, but thank you for this. I just ordered a single set and after reading your post I looked closer at the product listing and see what you are warning us about. Ordered a second set. Thanks man.


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Dec 19, 2013
Here's my A05B, my favorite small case still in the last decade.. Went through like 4-5 builds that I finally replaced with a Phanteks Evolv ATX. Still sitting in my living room as the HTPC system recently got a Ryzen 3600 upgrade and watercooling but only a useless 120mm radiator atm lol

240mm rad and gpu block from Aliexpress coming in the mail. I was going to do hard tubing but it was a pita doing my main pc so keeping it simple for this one using extra parts.

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Efficiently cooled with Pepto Bismol~

I like the A05N too, and recently pulled mine out of the closet. I no longer use it, but have been thinking about doing a new build in it -- the only downside is the video card length is limited unless the drive cage is removed, but even then if it's an especially long card it might be tight. Also I never modded it for blowhole fans! D: