The largest sale of stuff [H] Has seen in a while!!


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Mar 31, 2005
Ok, time to get this thing moving a bit fast.. I still have a LOT of stuff left, and it needs to make like a tree... and get the hell out of here...

(To whomever it was that offered the 3500, im sorry I havent gotten back to you, mostly cause I dont know who you are.. U contacted me on AIM only and I dont remember your name or who you are on [H].. i feel retarded for letting it pass me by.. I still have your stuff in a box hoping youd contact me but I havent heard anything so im assuming you changed your mind.. Im gonna repost the items if i dont hear from you by tonight)

Im up for making deals on multiple items and shipping, just lemme know what your interested in..


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Basically.. Just google "Evil Juggalo" the first 11 pages are all me..

AIM: Insane4Pain
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: Evil_Juggalo84
Cell # Available upon request..


Plz Plz buy these from me.. I could really REALLY use the cash
2x 15" FUSION Powerplant 1500w Subwoofers - 325$ shipped (L48)
These subs are absolute MONSTERS!!! I only have these things hooked up to a 500w Fusion 4 ch amp.. Bridged, they almost blow out my windows.. Id be afraid to see these things at full power.. I have no real reason to get rid of these, but I just moved into a not so great area of town and Id rather sell them before they get stolen..

2x 500ct bags of Balls - 20$
20 shot hopper - 3$
3x 9v Batteries - 3$
1x Rechargable 9v Battery (From a Spyder Imagine) - 8$
JT Barrell Condom - 3$
Brass Eagle Talon Ghost - 10$
2x Barrell Plugs - 2$ Ea
2x Elbows - 2$ea
2x Elbows w/ Tightening Screws - 3$ea
CO2 Gauge - 11$
12g CO2 tank adapter (Use the cartridges in your real marker for testing) - 15$
12oz Tank - 10$
16oz Tank w/ on/off Valve - 15$
Green Grips - 3$
Start Bolt (For spyders) - 3$
Bag of O-Rings - 1$


Random Assorted Stuff

3 Aliens Books - The Female Wars - Music of the Spears - Alien Harvest - 4$ ALL
These were good books, Any fan of the ALIENS series would enjoy these..

Cell Phone LOT- 10 Various Phones, Wall Charges, Car Chargers, Headset- 50$

Dead Parts LOT (Mobos, HDDs, Expansion Cards) -about 25lbs of dead parts.. - 25$ shipped
A couple of pieces in here fell victim to my dremel tool cause I was bored :)

SCSI PCI Card (Internal/External) - 4$
Switch Board (TSTC) - I built in College - 5$
Keypad - I built in College - 5$
Generic Mouse (Painted) - 2$
Voice Changer - 4$
USB Card Reader - 4$

1 Disc Doctor - 8$
You would not believe how well these things really work.. Im onyl selling them cause I wanna get the motorized one..

Back Plates - 4$ Each

Driver Covers - 4$(all)
PCI Slot Covers - 3$(all)

Harley Belt Buckle - Ride to Live - 5$
This thing is ancient.. my dad used to be a biker before his Ride got stolen right after we moved to texas back in 1990..

Various Heatsinks Lot - 15$

Inflatable SD Mem card - 5$
Got it from Quakecon.. just another Geek Momento..

Little calculator (Flip open) - 1$
This will probbably end up as a freebie..

Old working celeron computer (Parts) -15$
Mobo + CPU + HS/F + Expansion Cards... I believe this celeron is 466mhz

Various Wall outlets Lot - 12$
Halo 2 Foil stickers - Free if u want one when u buy something
3 Hole punch - 3$
Skull trailer hitch - 5$
A-B-AB Speaker Selector - 4$
4 Speaker Terminal block - 4$

Soft Pool Cue Case - 5$
Used for a while, But I just got my new cue case so No longer need this one.. has a fabric pocket for the shaft of the cue to go in so they dont rub inside the case..

Red Cooler Bag - 3$
Keeps your Bawlz Cold..

1 PC UV light w/ inverter - 12$ (all)
52x CD Rom - 5$
DLink 4 port router (No adapter, assumed dead) - 5$
USB2 Wireless adapter (Assumed dead, but powers on) - 5$
2 Card Readers - 5$(both)

S10 Mod Chip - 10$
Bought a couple years ago but never installed.. supposed to increase HP and fuel effeciency, but I never got around to installing it in my blazer.. will work in late 80's early 90's Blazer/Bravada/Jimmy/S-10's

Speaker Grills - 3$ (set)

Telescope Lenses - 5$ (set)
Pulled from a telescope years ago.. great for burning ants...

Tools Lot- Red Wire loom, Drill Gauge, Wire Stripper, Box Cutter, Glasses repair Kit, 3 way switch, Lazer pen, S10 Rear door lock mechanism, Assorted Tools) - 12$

Tow Rope - 5$

Treasure Chest - (Over 40 years old) - No idea, make offer.. (I know thats against rules, but I cant really figure a price to put on it..)

VHS Movies (Top Left to Bottom Right - Clockwork Orange, PinkFloyd the Wall, ICP in Concert, Twiztid: Born twiztid, ICP Shockumentary, Stranglemania, Stranglemania 2, JCW Juggalo Championshit wrestling, Big Money Hustlas, Kotton Mouth Kings, Back Stage Pass, Nightmare Before Xmas, Finding Nemo) - 2$ Each


(My lense apparently had a few smudges on it, so those big circles on the pictures arent on the shirts.. new pics upon request.. and yes.. I have some Man-Boobage goin on..)

Ok people, these shirts have GOTTA go... so, im changing the special...
1 - 5$
2 - 9$
3 - 13$ (And get 1 free)..
4 - 17$ (And get 2 Free)
5 - 20$ (And get 2 Free)

Alienware - Cant Score? Maybe its your HARDWARE - L

Cereal Killer - XL

Coal Chamber Tour Shirt - XL

Dark Lotus - XXL

Godsmack - XL

Im only wearing Black until they out with something Darker - L

Invader Zim - XL

Linksys - No LAG, More FRAG ***(3 Available) XXL-XL - L

Monster Garage - (Tag Missing Assumed, XL)

Morbid Angel - 10 Years of Madness - XL

Music As a weapon tour Shirt 2001- Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Adema - XL

NPC Gaming - XL

One by one the Penguines Steal my Sanity (Tag Missing, Assumed XL)

Ohio State Buckeyes LongSleeve - XXL

Pantera Long Sleeve - 2X

QuakeCon - L

SimplyHired - Hate your Job? Love our Search! - XXL

Static-X Tour 2000 - XL

Static-X Automatic Tour - XL

Grudge - XL

Wicked Clowns From Outer Space Tour - XXXL


Any Questions??? You know how to find me :)

-Evil Juggalo
You PM box is full !!!
Tell me please how much will all this cost me ( shipping included) to 98058 Seattle area:
---Audiovox Car Alarm - Never installed, I just got a new alarm.. - 10$
---USB Card Reader - 4$
---Tools Lot- Red Wire loom, Drill Gauge, Wire Stripper, Box Cutter, Glasses repair Kit, 3 way switch, Lazer pen, S10 Rear door lock mechanism, Assorted Tools) - 12$
---Tow Rope - 5$
---Tripod Lazer Level - 5$
---Voice Changer - 4$
Pm me the price>>

impressive lot of stuff you got there...

looking to make some of those dead processors into keychains... any deals open?
Sorry bout that guys.. didnt reazlie I had stockpiled so many messages :(
But its all emptied now so ask away!!

And yes, im ALWAYS up to make some deals.. I even throw in free stuff :D
Who knows, that treasure chest might actually get shipped with treasure....

-Evil Juggalo
how big is the treasure box...

what about the weight

im interested, but i dont want to pay a ton for the shipping
Nothing there I can afford (non-PC budget is really small for me), but I do have a 939 3700+ and motherboard (Biostar TForce6100) if you're interested... :) Bump regardless.
Ok, The lazer Level, Car Alarm, 2 of the PC UV Cathodes, the lightning bar, and a few unlisted Items have gone to savageice9 in trade for an AMD 3500.. Woot woot!!!

I guess now im gonna need a mobo and a Heatsink..

-Evil Juggalo
Morning Bumpage.. few items gone.. still got LOTS left.. looks like im gonna be needing a HS/F for an AMD64 3500 939, and a mobo for it too.. lemme know what cha got

-Evil Juggalo
Bump for a guy with a treasure chest.

I sure would love to mod that treasure chest into my mailbox. I have a fascination with the mail now with the Free Stuff side of the forum, always getting good stuff.
can you patch the link to the black light? I just happen to be in need of a couple.
BBQ Snagged the Creative Lanyard
Lagerter grabbed the CD Player Mousepad, Zboard keyset, and the OSU Shirt..

Death man has dibs on plastic parts case-4X dead AMD processors-Empty AMD processor box in trade for a TT RX HS/F for now..

-Evil Juggalo
Bumpage.. Little more stuff gone.. still got a WHOLE lotta stuff left.. sorry, I still havent added those computers as promised, my starter in my car died 2 days ago and its kinda slowed down the process of me doing stuff..

-Evil Juggalo
Bump for my CerebroSpinal fluid leak!
Im literally loosing my mind!!

-Evil Juggalo
altima97 said:
bump down for ohio state crap lol....

sorry had to do it to you :) go blue!

Shhh...I'm a Boiler myself. Wanted to wait until AFTER he shipped to let him know. LOL
BTW, Forgot to mention to everyone that everything has been shipped.. was late cause I forgot monday was a holiday :-P

thnx 4 all the bumps Lagerter :)

-Evil Juggalo
Evil Juggalo said:
BTW, Forgot to mention to everyone that everything has been shipped.. was late cause I forgot monday was a holiday :-P

thnx 4 all the bumps Lagerter :)

-Evil Juggalo

Everything has been sold then??? :confused:
I could be wrong but what I think he means is everything that has already been sold he has shipped - not that everything is sold and shipped.