The Khronos Group Announces VR Standard Initiative


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
The Khronos Group Announces VR Standard Initiative.

Khronos Group article.

The Khronos Group has just announced their VR initiative, which is in the early, call for participation stage. The goal is to produce an API that can be targeted by drivers from each vendor, so that applications can write once and target all compatible devices. The current list of participants are: Epic Games, Google, Oculus VR, Razer, Valve, AMD, ARM, Intel, NVIDIA, VeriSilicon, Sensics, and Tobii. The point of this announcement is to get even more companies involved, before it matures.

Check out the article as it has a nice analysis of the Khronos Group post.
It's about time this happened. Need I remind everyone of what the graphics landscape was like before Direct3D and OpenGL came along?

Here, lemme try and count 'em: Glide (the one everyone knows because of 3dfx's dominance), RRedline, ATI3DCIF, PowerVR SGL, S3 MeTaL, whatever API the NVIDIA NV1 used... I'm probably missing a few, but let's just say that anyone developing for 3D accelerators in the '90s had their work cut out for them!

We don't need to go through all that crap again just for today's VR HMDs, and I'll take this moment to remind everyone that the widely reported reason for Vive users even needing the ReVive wrapper just to use stuff from the Oculus Store (or which only supports the Oculus Runtime) is that HTC/Valve and Oculus wouldn't come to an agreement on which of their respective APIs to use.