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If it's smaller and does the same thing as something larger, then the smaller form-factor always win XD
smaller gives you more bang for the buck besides small is the new big when it comes to looks
Smaller is better for multiple reasons. If you are building a HTPC, then smaller means less real estate taken up on the shelves and stands around the screen. It also means less weight to transport when going to LAN parties.
Because when you have a back disability, you don't want a system that weighs 50 pounds and takes up a lot of space.
Smaller is king for space under the tv and the challenge of building in a small form factor case. That and my eight year old, Core 2 Quad Shuttle is up for retirement and my wife would not be happy if I went out to buy parts for a new SFF HTPC.
Smaller is better because you have more room in your case for other things.
Smaller is better because its getting increasingly difficult to haul my rig around to LANs. :rolleyes:
Smaller is better for ability to put a system where room is at a premium and allows you to take it to LAN parties much easier.
You can save space and still get great computing power! Also once your married your computer can no longer cost more then her wedding ring!
I have been using an Asus z87 gryphon in a Corsair 240 and I really like the setup.
Its cool to have a fast/feature full pc that can game

Its not cool to lug a full size ATX tower around

Smaller means:

less wasted space (extra volume in the case, desk space)
easier to transport
lighter weight
theoretically less cooling required (fewer components = less heat generated)
I [H]Azn like it "small" because High-performance in little packages! :D
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a mini-ITX board is great bc it's smaller like a concealed weapon. less waste, all of the bite
I am not sure if this is still going but.....
Smaller is better because I can get good performance and still make it fit behind my TV.
This is now closed. Sorry, I have had some personal issues to deal with and this fully fell off my radar.
The winner has been notified and has claimed his stuff. :)
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Thanks again :) I will be putting it into a home theater rig... pics will be posted once it arrives... The kids will soon be Steam Gaming on the big screen :) Thanks Kyle, HardOCP, and Asus!