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Smaller is better because the best things usually come in small sizes. Like my wife, who is 5'2'' and needs a small PC to compliment her short height!
I like the small form factor because there is so much access to cloud storage and cheap SSDs you really just need an OS and games to be installed on your PC saving money and room for a strong video card. There is also the fact that there is a smaller foot print if you live in a dorm or share a room with a sibling Or if you like LAN parties smaller makes it easy to carry.
Smaller is better because it is more about the performance, not the size.
Because it provides ample opportunity for innuendo in one small package. Seriously though, space savings. Definitely space savings. Yes.
Out of sight, out of mind! ITX box would be great for an HTPC where you build a powerful little machine, and don't have to worry about where to put it !
I believe smaller is better as I only have a small space left on my 70" TV stand for a Micro Case. I use this to run my Netflix to the TV and also to game with friends on Steam. Love my Micro PC. The case I picked matches my Onkyo receiver. Everyone is surprised when I start it and windows boots to my 70" Sharp. Very impressive. This Micro unit is a fast as the 2 other gaming pcs that my Grandson and I game on. LOVE SMALL....... get one for yourself.;)
Having owned Shuttle XPC boxes as main PCs for over 10 years, I can attest that smaller is nearly equal if not better. So many options today for going small - it's a glorious period for the mini-PC enthusiast.

What's the saying? Once you go small, you can't go back.
Bigger isn't always better, IE: syringes and suppositories.

That and I like my PC's to not require a forklift to haul to a lan-party.
Thanks for the awesome give away.
I like small things since it's easier to sneak them past the wife. Ha ha
I don't have to answer that question " Is that another computer thingie you have there?"
Seriously though that would make a great HTPC/Gamer along with a G3258, small and fit's nicely on the shelf without heating the room.
Smaller is better for LAN parties. Sure, showing-off an blinged-out ATX or eATX build is great but when it comes to portability mini-ITX has them beat and gives similar performance when compared to its larger brethren in the same class.
It's easier to hide all my purchases from the detail oriented spouse.

Small IS better! I think it was Yoda who said;
“Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm?
Size of a Jedi in fight matters not. Size of fight within a Jedi does!"

Besides, if I get caught by She Who Must Be Obeyed buying components for a new system It'll be as if I were attached to an object by an inclined plain wrapped helically around its axis!
Smaller is better because it takes more precise engineering to squeeze a lot of power into a small space.
My parents have an aging computer full tower too. Definetly would love to upgrade them to something smaller and more discrete. Would totally use it for their anniversary. I want it lol!
My nephew needs a small PC the can fit in drawer in his barrack/dorm, so he doesn't get dinged during inspections.
Smaller is better when your IT tech is hitting his late 40's and doesn't like to lug around your 50 lb rig when doing repair jobs. :).


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