The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

Smaller is better because the little lady likes all things small (except her houses and cars...)
Smaller is better because I share an office with my wife and continue to lose my space to her things! This is occurring in the closet and bed as well. Help!
Having a history of pre-LAN injuries from an active sports lifestyle (some how still active...) does not lend itself well. I'm limited to transporting my current rig using something with castors these days, bleh. There may have been a few instances of collateral damage while finagling the FT02 into my shitty old Civic, lol. This would make life a lot easier for a guy with a small and apparently fragile build such as myself.

The extra desk-side restate is also a huge plus!

NCASE M1 Case + Carry bag is an extremely likely option for my next build planned in Q3/Q4, this would be a HUGE win!!!
  1. It's takes up less space, great for a small rooms or apratments.
  2. Easy to transport to LAN parties.
  3. Have more room on your desk for a bigger display or speakers.
Smaller is better because It allows you to more easily make your machine portable, Allows you to place the PC on your desk instead of the dirty floor, and looks Great under a TV as a htpc
Before my wife and I got married, she giggled at my junk and said "Awww, it's so cute and small!" Then we still did it. So small must be good, right?
smaller is better because 73% of Americans are hoarders so we all need more space. Also 87% of all statistics are made up.
Smaller is better as it will enable more innovation and entice more and more company's to progress in order to create more extreme cutting edge technology in sff. Imagine having the GPU/CPU horsepower of a High-End gaming pc in the size of a smartphone or even Intels compute stick. Will be able to take it anywhere and no longer be stuck sitting at a desk with tons of cable clutter. Also lanparty's would be a breeze just take your miniature pc and a 4k monitor and your good to go while your neighbor has tons of heavy crap and wires to lug around.
Smaller is better because it means I can easily hide it so the SO doesn't know I've added yet another PC to the room. :D
Smaller is better because my gamer muscles are no longer capable of lifting normal size objects.
sometimes you need to make the most of what little space you have..... ;)

This is completely contextually dependent.

Smaller is not always better, larger is not always better.

Smaller in THIS case is.. preference.
Smaller is better because you can safely ship it to Brazil without the customs thinking it's worth one million dollars.
It lets you build a powerful machine with everything you need in a compact, lightweight package.
It brings new challenges in cooling, noise reduction and cabling, and component selection that you don't get with a full sized build.
On top of all that, once you've got your build worked out, a small system opens up so many new placement options unavailable even with microATX builds.
Smaller is better because I'll donate it to charity!
I've already entered upthread, but I'd just like to say thank you to [H] and ASUS for making this an international competition.
Smaller is better because I need a small form factor desktop for the living room. One that can be packed away quickly if needed.

Good luck to the winner and thanks ASUS & [H] for the giveaway.