The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

Smaller is better because it cost less to ship to the winner....;)

Really though,
Less carbon footprint with equal performance!
Smaller is better for certain applications -- HTPCs, LAN machines, and generally when you don't have a whole lot of room to work with.

Thanks for these giveaways though (even if I haven't won any yet) -- to both H and Asus ;)
Less space, less areas where heat can get trapped in pockets, less fans needed for better airflow.
Smaller is more impressive when it packs the same or more power than a massive tower!
Why is smaller better? Surely Tyrion Lannister is all the evidence needed.
Smaller is Better now that we have a range of quality offerings in both motherboards and GPUs..The fact that Case Manufacturers have finally been offering some great units that can house a fully WC'd system in a case that isn't 3ft tall and weighing 30+lbs loaded...

These would be a great chance for me to dip my toes in the SFF world again!!:cool:
Smaller is better because having a secondary system to be a serer and it not taking up a lot of space is freaking amazing. If I win this is so being my game server for people and also other services.
Ain't nobody got time for big riggin...Like Rocky you never rule out the underdog!
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Smaller has always been the goal with tech. Without ever shrinking components how would we ever post on Facebook while eating Doritos at 2AM from the comfort of our couch after a particularly rewarding round of Super Mario Cart running on our Asus powered SFF media center PC running Nintendo emulation to relive 16-bit glory?
Smaller is better because my GF is tiny and I love the shit out of her.
Also because you can put a gaming rig in places like a TV setup or have 4 small pcs in the space of two large ones.
More pcs, less space, more lan parties.
An entire contest dedicated to making you feel less self conscious eh Kyle?

Smaller is better because the bigger they are the harder they fall.
Smaller is better because it looks better and it means I have more flexibility in where the case goes, leaving more room for things like speakers and a printer.
I built my wife a new system around a mATX that sets on a bookshelf in the den and she loves it. This would let me experiment with the ITX form factor and see if I need anything bigger. With 4 PCs in the house, only one has more than a single video card.
Smaller is better because small cases make great foot rests under your desk! big ones ... are just too high and tip over easier.
i live for micro things. the smaller (yet powerful) things are the better. Really who wants to lug around a hugh motherboard and pc case when you can have a tiny bitty baby pc with Kick butt power!
She said great results come in small packages. For real, these are very small foot print for the performance and are great for HTPCs.