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Smaller gives you more options on where she allows you to put it. Who wants a big black tower for a HTPC-Gaming rig? If anyone knows small its the designers of Asus. They are masters at it. It's almost like they are all born with it!
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According to the Osedax (Deep Sea Bone-Eating Worm) smaller is better when,

  1. Males don't compete for access to females
  2. Resources are limited
  3. Individuals can't move about
  4. Finding a mate is hard

Under those conditions, it makes sense for males to become small to maximize their mate's success (if they're lucky enough to find one).

How this translates..

  1. E-peen hardly translates in the real world. Why add on that extra pound-age?
  2. No one has money now days. Empty unfilled video card spaces are such a tease!
  3. If it's too big, it's hard to move. This affects over 66% of America's population. Don't let it affect your case too!
  4. Do you really think a potential girlfriend is going to appreciate you dropping your Corsair 900D on her coffee table? No. Get small, get fit. Acquire mates.
Smaller is better because of space- especially if it performs the same as the full size version of the product.
Smaller is definitely better if you don't have much desk space. If the build is for an HTPC or you need a portable computer that's not a laptop usually connected to a projector.
I would not want one for a gaming PC but they are great for kids as you can anchor them to a desk.
I don't have much space in my room. That is why small factor is really important for me. I want to build an entertainment system which will be my HTPC, and also a game system. These will be the best for the job.
A smaller PC is better because it leaves more room for well, you know, activities.... :eek:;):D
Now that I have a baby on the way, it is time to downsize. This would be a perfect system for the small space that I have now for my setup.
Because sometimes, you want your gaming rig to do its SHOWING based on what is on the screen, as opposed to how big and shiny the case is.

Seriously, I want to upgrade my HTPC, and this combo would make an insane base. If I win, I WILL make a thread with build notes and pictures!
Because size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. Right?1?
The smaller the card, the smaller the case. And that means a higher the Wife Acceptance Factor.
Good things come in small packages!

But really you can be much more imaginative with how your box looks based on the fact that you may want or need it to fit in a smaller space, like on a bookshelf or maybe your car's glove compartment!
For me it's all about more room for airflow, especially since I tend to keep my rigs where airflow is tight anyway.

For example that GTX 960 Mini would definitely be going in my HTPC and that small footprint is absolutely perfect!
Why smaller?

If you need bigger for the sake of just being bigger, you are overcompensating.
It's not a matter of size, but the power and quality behind it.

With ASUS smaller is better because not only do they have the power and quality but the portability and smaller footprint of this hardware makes it ideal.
Smaller is better because I can fit a smaller computer in the same desk as my big one (at the same time).
Smaller is better because my girlfriend's moving in and we need more room for her stuff!
Smaller is better because it will give me a lot more desk space. It will also be interestine to see how much performance can be done with a small computer!
Smaller is better because I save space on my desk and do not need more then 1 PCI slot. Also, hauling it to a buddies house is much easier :) It fits under one arm !
Its the way of the future, plus I just bought an asus X200MA laptop and love the 11.6 size!