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HTPC with zero restrictions to what you can play on it without taking up a ton of space.
Smaller is better because a mini case would actually fit in my computer hutch where it's designed to go!
I can honestly say smaller is better in my case because I needed desktop space back. A smaller case and still high performance? Yes please, I'll take that any day of the week.
Smaller is better because housing space is expensive in the Bay Area!
Smaller is better because:
1. Easier to take with you
2. Easier to hide
3. Takes up less space
Smaller is better because my girlfriend will just think it's cute, and not get mad about it being new!
Losing faith in my aging X58 machines lately, here's to hoping for some good luck!
Well due to telling every sales guy to shut up and take my money, all I can currently afford is to live in a robots apartment, and I need all the small I can get.
Because the people that design these small things like to frustrate those with big hands trying to do a small build.
Small tests your building skillz.

Small reflects my income.:eek:
...because I don't have the room on my condo for a big computer. And I really want to build a new computer in the Fractal Design Node 202.
Smaller parts means more room in cases for ridiculous watercooling and mods!
I think one of the cool things about "smaller" is the ability to make creative system builds. With the right case and single good power supply, you can fit two 1080p-capable gaming machines into one ATX case.

Smaller allows you to cut down on wasted space as well. Why have a giant honkin' case with 20 fans when all you really need is to get the hot air out and away from your components as quickly as possible. Rather than trying to move several cubed inches of wasted space worth of air, you can have your graphics card and CPU cooled and exhausted closest to the exterior of your case.

Another way Smaller is better is Power Efficiency. Some ITX motherboards allow the use of SODIMM memory, further reducing the power requirements of the overall system.

Smaller is the natural progression of technology. The entire data storage of the NASA 'Apollo' missions now fits into a chip the size of a fingernail, with room to spare. Smaller has brought us to microchips that push the boundaries of the laws of physics. Smaller is the future!
Smaller is better because lugging a full ATX case around with you is fine when you're a young whippersnapper but a great way to throw your back out in your sensible years.
Because my main rig weighs 68lbs and I could build a rig under 10lbs with this setup!
Smaller is better because PCs increasingly have to fit with home theater setups and share desk real estate with multiple large monitors and speakers.
Smaller stops the Wife from complaining about the computer on the TV... papa needs a smaller Media center!
1) MinITX builds are fun and more challenging.
2) Smaller footprint ( we all need more space)
3) More portable.
4) Packing great power into a small package (The PC industry has been in a mindset that bigger is better for far too long)
Alot easier to hide the HTPC when it's smaller. It's tough to hide a full tower.
I've been a fan of smaller form factor builds since MicroATX was introduced in the late 90's when I was building K6-2 systems for everyone I knew that wanted a new computer.

The benefits are numerous: smaller/lighter chassis, less desk space, easier to move/transport, and just as capable as a full size ATX build.
Smaller is better because you could take your awesome rig with you anywhere easily, if you wanted!
Smaller is better because sometimes you just gotta take it with you.