The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

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Aug 14, 2001

A6 7400K (45W)
Asrock FM2A88M-HD+
8gb memory
Windows 8.1
750W Corsair power supply.
Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 case. The door can't fully close on it 4 in 3 drive bay is too big.
30GB storage currently. A mix/match of 2 to 4TB drives.

Currently it's running as a SABnzbd/CouchPotato/Sonarr/Headphones server along with Flexraid Transparent raid. The vast majority of it is not in a raid, but is in a storage pool. Currently around 8TB is raided.

Future plans is to upgrade all the drives to 4TB, or for the pooled drives 8TB since 95% of it is going to be static. Going with all 4's it would be 44TB total space. I also plan on adding at least two external ESATA raid enclosures so I can add 8 more drives. Then I'll probably raid all of it.

Edit: and I know the 750w power supply is overkill, but it was cheap and had enough SATA ports to justify it. I wish it was modular to get rid of the cable nest though.
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