The greatest game/game series soundtrack/music of all time?


Nov 22, 2004
I was wondering for those of you who have been gaming for a while, what game or series do you think has the greatest music score ever. For me personally, I think the Metal Gear Solid series has the greatest and most memorable music ever. Harry Gregson-Williams composed all the Metal Gear Solid games since Metal Gear Solid 2 (He also did the theme and was music producer for COD4). I think the Metal Gear Series had the greatest music ever, but more specifically for me I think Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty had the best music overall.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme:

Truely epic I must say... just listening to it again makes me remember first playing it and hearing it.

I would also add that I think Silent Hill had some of the greatest composed music ever as well... composed by Akira Yamaoka.

Just listening to the music of Silent Hill 2 sends shivers down my spine. One of my favorites...

My favorite from Silent Hill 2:

Some more chilling samples... so simple, yet so haunting. Never have I played a game where the feel and atmosphere was so reliant on the music to be essential to the game itself.

The next Silent Hill movie apparently will have the assistance of Akira Yamaoka to compose the score. What a shame he won't be involved with the games... I can't believe Korn will be in a Silent Hill game.

"Jeff Danna along with Akira Yamaoka will be composing the score for Silent Hill: Revelation."
Really a tough tough almost unanswerable topic.

I'd suppose id go for the Final Fantasy canned response. But there are tons of great ones.
Mark Morgan's soundtrack to Fallout 1. Masterclass in ambient soundtracks
greatest game soundtrack of all time for me is 'NiGHTS into Dreams'. First game to actually convey emotion after beating it. Oh the memories..:)
FFVIII and I really like FFX with scores like "To Zanarkand" and "Ending Theme"

The best score I have ever heard are the following:

MGS 2 main theme

Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Main Theme.

Deus EX: HR - Icarus Theme
I don't think I'd ever be able to choose a greatest soundtrack, but you can't not like this one:

Aside from that, the ones I listen to the most are probably older Square games (FF4,6,10, Chrono Trigger), Guilty Gear, and Dynasty Warriors (4 and 6 are my favorite ones).

I really think Brood War has a great soundtrack too, but it's not something that I'd listen to outside of the game.

Edit: OCARINA OF TIME, how could I forget that one?
Pretty much all FF games had incredible music. Nobou Uematsu is a genius.

Starcraft! also has sweet ambient music.

Ocarina of Time has the best soundtrack by far in my opinion. <- Stands for Zelda Re-Orchestrated. Check them out for Zelda music orchestrated.
The following songs are the best music in video gaming today :) (Props to people who owned a saturn)

Sega Touring Car - OST - Dont Drop Me -

Daytona USA: Let's Go Away (Saturn/PC Version) -

Sega Touring Car - OST - So High -

[TOP 100] Sega BGMs #86 Last Bronx - Jaggy Love -

Sonic R Soundtrack "Super Sonic Racing" -

Battle Arena Toshinden - Sofia - Theme -

Wipeout - Cold Storage - Messij -

Burning Rangers Music - We are Burning Rangers (English Version) -

Burning Rangers Music - I Just Smile (Japanese Version) -

Burning Rangers Music - Angels with Burning Hearts (English Version) -


Sarcasm, but I used to listen to these songs for hours.

Forgot one: Streets of Rage 2 Ending Theme
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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. I've played various games that Jeremy Soule composed the soundtrack to, and I consider this one the best. Most of the other games have one or two really memorable tracks, but Dark Crusade's soundtrack was memorable throughout. Other Jeremy Soule highlights:
Icewind Dale - Easthaven, Morrowind and Skyrim main themes (not gonna bother linking these two, you've all heard them ad nauseam this past week).

Dawn of War 2 had some memorable tracks too, despite having a different compose:
Dawn of War 2 - For the Craftworld
Dawn of War 2 - Angels of Death
A few of my favorites....

1. Cosmo Canyon

2. Twisted Metal 2 : Field of Screams

3. Castlevania : Bloody Tears

4. Donkey Kong Country: Aquatic Ambience

5.The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion: Wings Of Kynareth

6. The Witcher OST

7. Killer Instinct theme (Experience the Power! Crank your speakers to this one!)

:) The list goes on and on...........
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Bah. Everquests music was the best ever. Waiting for the boat in Freeport was a sense of awe!

That Aviak's (sp) in the Karana's made you want to kill them damn things! You felt heroic doing so!

Entering North Ro made you want a turban.
Diabolic, sonic 2, megaman 2, deus ex, FF7, alien carnage, etc etc etc.

For me, nothing has persisted the way megaman 2's2 soundtrack has. I still catch myself humming those tunes or replaying them in my head. A masterpiece. You can tell the folks who made that game were excited about it.
Super Mario Brothers...who isn't immediately able to place it within the first half-dozen notes?
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night :) How can anyone not mention this!
Diablo 2: LOD all the Act V scores.
I'm not a big classical or modern classical music fan, but these scores were awesome!
I'm glad it was already mentioned, but the soundtrack to the original Icewind Dale is still my favorite game music ever.
I always enjoyed some of the early RPG's like Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Warrior.
Another classic would be the NES Ninja Gaiden titles.
More recently, Uncharted is definitely amazing.
Ace Combat series has a good soundtrack, especially Ace Combat Zero.
I wasn't able to find a high quality version of it quickly but the track to the mission Zero is truly awesome:

Especially so if you actually played the game and remember how Pixy was with you and then in Zero he turned on you. Pixy had some great dialog lines that really could make the player think about war and conflict in a deeper way than just thinking about the entertainment value of the game. The best line for me was:

"There's only one way, Buddy - you gotta fight for what you believe in!"

Also, and unrelated, old school Turrican soundtrack by Chris Huelsenbeck. Amiga 500 Forever!!!!!!!!!

Actually now that I think about it WoW has a pretty decent soundtrack, Songs of Elune, Stormwind, and then whatever the track is that you hear when you first take the boat to Howling Fjords. Being on the boat, hearing the sound, and seeing the scenery totally reminded me of the movie 13th Warrior. Blizzard really has done and excellent job with that.
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Extreme G - the one for N64. Got me into electronic music as a youngun, and now i cant stop listening to drum and bass. Its been 12 years since the first time i played that game.
No Chrono Trigger yet?

No Xenogears?

Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu are both composer gods IMO.
If we take a look at every song on the soundtrack I'd have to say Chrono Cross. But being a guitar player has made be very partial to soundtracks that feature the guitar.

Also has my favorite game into remember seeing this for the first time when I was 16 and turning the game off and back on just to watch it again.

And then a guitar god redid the song
I've played so many games it's hard to remember. Though in recent memory, I think the sound track to the end parts of Mass Effect 2 was really good. Aside from that I can't think of anything really good in the last few years. Then again most of what I play have been first person shooters and while some of them had good music, none of it counts as "epic" or worth listening too outside of the game.

quake 1 and quake 2 - NIN :D

Quake 2 wasn't Nine Inch Nails as I recall.

COD4 and MW2 soundtracks by Hans Zimmer are very good.

They seem like generic versions of music from military themed films such as Crimson Tide. I know it was the same composer, but it all sounds virtually the same. I'd agree it's decent, but nothing special once you've heard his style once before.
Any number of things done by Jeremy Soule and Jesper Kyd have to get mentioned somewhere in the course of this.
Any number of things done by Jeremy Soule and Jesper Kyd have to get mentioned somewhere in the course of this.

I've next to no idea who composed the music for any game I've ever played.
You are correct; it was Sonic Mayhem.

Quake I had a better sound track. I thought Quake I was a better game aside from a graphics standpoint but that's another topic entirely.