The Great Internet Brand Rip-Off

Rich Tate

Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 9, 2005
If you were a multi million dollar company and someone was registering domains that could be accidentally typed in by a user trying to find your site (think hardpoc for example) simply to bait unsuspecting customers in to bombard them with ads and turn a profit, you’d be a little miffed right? Well so are a lot of companies as the practice of domain tasting is growing daily.

Sarah Deutsch is steaming. The attorney for Verizon Communications (VZ) regularly scours the Web from her Arlington (Va.) office and finds hundreds of new sites that use variations of Verizon's name. A mid-December browse uncovers a constellation of Verizon-inspired domains such as,, and
I do not know of any laws preventing Vz from buying any and all the typo domains that they want to. I am not a big fan of landing on some scammer website when I mistype, but I just hit the address bar again and go my way.

ps.: Of course, by clicking that banner ^^ I could prevent that from ever happening.
Most of them sites dont try to dupe them by duplicating the site they make it apparent that they are not the intended site but yes I hate them and I am sure there are some out there that are obvious rip-offs.