The FX60 & keeping my s939 system viable as long as possible


Limp Gawd
Nov 2, 2005
I'm looking into a CPU upgrade as that is the weakest link in my entire setup:
A64 3200+ (winchester core)
MSI K8N neo4
2 GB G.skill HX DDR400

Now I found a shop that has the FX60 for about €200 less than any other shop in Belgium that I could find, It would end up costing me about €870, which, while still bloody expensive, is not too shabby as a X2 4600+ would set me back about €600 on average over here.
I don't really mind paying a premium for a high end CPU, over here higher en gear is expensive, allways has been and allways will be.
I know AMD will probably drop prices around Conroe release but price drops like that often don't make it to the shops here for quite a while after they happen either, so that is a moot point... I'm not planning on waiting 6 months for one.

My reasons to go with the FX are the following:
-keep the S939 system I have viable for as long as possible
-I have no interest in OC'ing, otherwise I'd have ordered me an Opty allready and this post wouldn't exist
-the above mentioned (relative) good deal I can get on the FX

Now I'm looking to you guys for some insight, what do you think I can expect performance wise from this chip?
Will it keep my system viable for at least a few years? I've spent too much on my comp the last year as it is so this will be only upgrade left this year.
Next year will maybe be a new video card if DX10/Vista prove to be worth it, otherwise no upgrades either.

The gist of it all I guess is, keeping in my mind the reasons I have and the fact that this will be the last major upgrade I make for quite some time, will it be worth it?