The Future Of Augmented Reality

This reminds me of just yesterday using my tablet and had to do the secure swipe pattern for something, if you fail twice the tablet takes a photo of the possible intruder, I only failed once but it took a photo of me anyway and flagged me as an intruder. LOL. I've now set it to three failed attempts before taking a photo.
augmented reality unpleasant?
It's like with everything in life. If you let technology start to control your life then it starts to get unpleasant.
Oh my god! I felt my brain explode! Red Alert, Red Alert. Incoming data. ROFL. Aside from needing an anti-psychotic to use that, I think whatever city that is, they need to go on diets.
As an autistic person who wanted to close his eyes just from watching that video, I can't help but imagine the same technology being used to take AWAY sensory input as apposed to adding it. Suddenly you don't hear the strangers baby crying, don't hear 20 conversations going on at once around you, are not bombarded by advertising (conveying useless information) everywhere you look. So long as it was my hand on the control of the filter, not someone else, it sounds like a dream world.

Nothing a world wide EMP can't fix
No way, not the technologies fault! I blame the people using the tech to try to squeeze more money/time/work from people in this proposed dystopian future.
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And think, it didn't even include the cess pool called social media. That's going to be a total nightmare. Facebook buying Oculus Rift... huge downer for VR.
So much junk everywhere. Augmented reality is one thing, this is just visual vomit.
That literally made me ill to think people really want to live like this. I do understand Mongooses point about being a great help to autistic people however for most people I think this spells disaster.
Woulnd't mind a few minutes of that little dog running around in my FOV... 99% of everything else was just crap though. Looked like a VR version of what every dumb teens myspace page looked like in the late 90s.
It's like the internet threw up into my eyes.
Exactly what I was thinking. Way too much crap to see.

Dear lord - this could be on the way. I hope I can get at least decent internet speed when I move to the woods away from this crap.
could be super handy for certain 10 years who knows?
I would be ok if there was something like in "Gamer". Put on a VR headset, and take control of some hot chick :)

Uh, let me see... You want to dress up as a women and chase other men? Sorry that's not my cup of tea.
Humm I have always wanted to live in a cartoon so all i need is google glass?
After watching that again idiot girl had a critical update she ignored. Then she got hacked. Then stabbed... then when the hack was done and they stole her identity she signed up to Christianity...

When my shit started wigging out like it did I would turn it off and fix that shit if it was that bloody crucial. And if my call shifted back and forth like it did I would be damn distrusting of both those "support" people.
So now you will have to tell your kids to stop playing video games and come inside the house. I'm sorry, there's cool and then there's just too much tech. My daughter who is going off to college in the fall, sitting on the couch last night watching a movie, but had her phone in hand the whole time playing a game. I said "how can you watch a movie and play on your phone at the same time?" She said "well there's nothing going on in the movie right now" I thought, how the hell would you know, you're not even watching it. When you cannot even sit for an hour or so to enjoy a movie without playing with your phone, there is something wrong. Then i saw her reading a book later, and was totally confused. Man i'm getting old.
Wow; really that could be a very accurate representation of AR in the future. The access and gear will be expensive but FREE if you want to constantly wade though all the push advertising content that will constantly bombard you. By interacting you earn "points" which may equal a meal at the end of the day if you are lucky, or discounts on coconuts; whatever. Hopefully I'm long dead before such a nauseating future overtakes us.