The creator of the Konami Code has died


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Dec 19, 2005
Iconic! Rest In Peace Mr. Hashimoto

"While it's most closely associated with Contra and the NES, the first game in which the Konami Code appeared in was 1985's Gradius. The story goes that Hashimoto, who had to port the arcade title to the NES, added it so that he could properly playtest the notoriously difficult game. However, he forgot to remove the code, and it made its way into the final game that shipped to consumers. But it's thanks to Contra so many people in North America have fond memories of the cheat. By entering the Konami Code, you got 30 lives, which made the tough-as-nails title manageable. Since then, it's made its way into countless other games and, more broadly, into popular culture.

If you want to pay respects to Hashimoto by entering the Konami code into a game, Wikipedia has a list of all the places where it's made an appearance."
Yeah I used that in a few konami games back in the day. Respect to hashimoto, rest in peace.
This is literally the first time I hear about this. And literally doesn't mean figuratively this time.
Well that just sucks.

RIP sir, thank you for the wonderful childhood memories.
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"Hahaha! Where is your additional 30 lives god now?"

Seriously, games are so hand-holding and wimpy today. Who needs 30 lives when you can just back off and regenerate health?

I do miss frantically running around looking for health kits in shooters lol. Not that it is any more realistic but it did add a suspense element.