The Boring Company Maps out Its Underground Los Angeles Highways


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Aug 20, 2006
The Boring Company has published a map on its website detailing the first proposed routes for its tunnel network under Los Angeles. The longest artery stretches about 40 miles from the Sherman Oaks neighborhood, located north of downtown Los Angeles, to Long Beach Airport, which is in the southeastern corner of LA county.

Red shows the proposed Phase 1 proof-of-concept tunnel for which The Boring Company has filed an excavation permit application. Phase 1 would include the construction of a 6.5-mile proof-of-concept tunnel through Los Angeles and Culver City. The tunnel would be used for construction logistics verification, system testing, safety testing, operating procedure verification, and line-switching demonstrations.
Well that is one way to speed up California snapping off and sliding off into the ocean, bore a bunch of tunnels underneath the worst parts and let pieces of it break off.
In Los Angeles area full of earthquake faults?

That should rattle investors from investing into BORING's dream.