Aug 8, 2019
Currently I'm looking for a trustable VPN for business. I was doing a research and found an article about 5 best VPN providers this year, but I want to hear feedback about them if you know one. Looks like the best deals has NordVPN Teams and Zscaler. How they work and which one you already have for your business?
And what exactly are you hoping to achieve with routing all business traffic through a VPN like this?
Yeah, those aren't really what I think of when I hear "business VPN". To me, the term means
  • Onsite VPN server (dedicated or built into a firewall or other edge device) for access to an otherwise private network.
  • VPN client from the producer of the server.
  • Centralized client configuration and policy management, typically pushed out by the server on connection.
  • Authentication/authorization typically tied into a centralized store (e.g., active directory, LDAP, RADIUS, etc.)
The ones listed in that article look to me more like what you'd get if you purchased a personal VPN through them, just with many users consolidated under a single account for billing.