The Amazon Prime Air Team Is Developing a Traffic Management System for Drones


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Amazon Prime Air director Bob Roth is working on a traffic management system for drones that will support safe low-altitude airspace operations, enabling collaboration and communication between drones regardless of who is operating them. Just like when Mr. Roth started his career 8 years ago as leading software for the Amazon Kindle e-reader, this is uncharted territory. "We will always prioritize safety first within our system," said Roth. "People both on the ground and in the air are the most important to protect. We're building a traffic management system with this as our guiding principle."

Bob Roth has been working with NASA and SESAR on trials using the Amazon air traffic management system. He also chairs an industry standards group to create rules for drone flight safety, while still leading his teams in multiple locations worldwide. The system Amazon is developing would limit drone flight to below 400 feet to keep them out of the way of planes. The system would allow organizations like the FAA to track drones in the air and create "no fly zones" in times of emergency. The system will use the internet, LTE, or another cloud-based connection so all parties can "talk" to each other. This would work similarly to how the various mobile networks allow its users to call each other even though they are on different networks.

"Similar to when I started with Kindle, this is a new frontier," said Roth. "We're at a stage now where we are working with industry and regulators to test how different drones from different operators can fly safely together." "Small aerial drones will soon make a big difference in our lives," said Roth. "Whether it's bringing medicine to a parent who has a sick child late at night or doing a search mission for a lost hiker. It's exciting to be at forefront of building technology that will benefit so many people."


Limp Gawd
May 27, 2011
There is no way on Earth I'll put up with the noise from delivery drones. The day a local government greenlights this crap is the day I get armed to take them down.