The advantages of using a height adjustable desk and a treadmill while at your computer

Sep 15, 2011
This is something of a PSA for this fine community about the awesomeness that is walking on a treadmill while at one's computer, be it while working, gaming, or watching a movie. Our company sent us all home in the spring to WFH 100% and soon after I bought two height adjustable desks and treadmills - one for my work system and one for my personal gaming/photo editing computer. It's now a habit to walk while working and it feels freaking great. I am not counting calories or pounds lost but know that I am clocking about 5 hours a day of walking between 1.5-4mph (slower when gaming or writing, faster when muted in a meeting or watching a movie). When I do want to sit down, I just move the treadmill and then lower the desk.

I say this not to brag but to highly recommend any WFH folks give this a try. The physical and psychological benefits are significant, and it's a nice feeling ending the work day knowing that any additional exercise is either voluntary or not necessary. Obviously, it won't replace a gym workout, yoga, or any more rigorous home workout, but it's a great way to avoid becoming an inert slug if you're on your computer all the time.

If it helps, here is what I got. They work together well, with the treadmill fitting under the desk when the desk is at full height. I have pretty much maxed out the desk space with 2 30" monitors (one in portrait mode) and my laptop.
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