Tesla Patent Describes Camera Assisted GPS System


Mar 3, 2018
Several media outlets, including Electronic Design, recently spotted an interesting patent Tesla filed in 2017. Called "Technologies for Vehicle Positioning," it seemingly addresses one of the major hurdles future self-driving vehicles face: the accuracy of GPS. As anyone with a smartphone probably knows, GPS positioning can be flaky, especially when indoors, or in close proximity to large buildings or trees. Apparently, Tesla wants to use machine vision and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to "correct" those GPS shortcomings. Electronic Design notes that all of the names on the patent are, or were, part of Tesla's Autopilot development team.

An embodiment includes a method for using a set of vehicles as a set of moving reference stations for map-relative localization, the method comprising: receiving, via a hardware server, a map pose and a raw positioning measurement from a first vehicular client that is moving and vision-localized to a map; and sending, via the hardware server, the map pose and the raw positioning measurement to a second vehicular client such that (a) the second vehicular client determines a first position vector relative to the first vehicular client based on the map pose and the raw positioning measurement, (b) the second vehicular client receives a second position vector relative to a third vehicular client from the third vehicular client, and (c) the second vehicular client updates a second map pose based on the first position vector and the second position vector, wherein the second map pose is of the second vehicular client.
Good, no AVERAGE human being deserves to be behind the control of these 3 ton death machines anyway.
This is evil and bad because...Telsa /s

I would be interested in what it does if the GPS signal gets lost entirely...