[TeamAU] Single 3DMARK2001SE world record, GIGABYTE P67X-UD3R+2500K, GTX275 lightning

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    Sep 1, 2005
    I did a bit of testing recently with the recently revived GTX275 Lighting and am happy to report I finally clinched the single W.R. after another bench session :)

    The P67X-UD3R-B3 is a little cracker of a board. Z68 gear is around the corner and will now have the same "X" range (i.e. P67X). For this board "X" means it now supports SLI, has dual 8x in two cards, more SATA3 and USB3, bios extras like PWM frequency %, right angled SATA ports etc, but what's more important still clocks well and likes 3DMARK2001 :).

    Had a few issues with card a bit too cold after a while not allowing me to rerun any test or run my ideal run order, strange, works with other orders as long as i didnt rerun tests but not the one i really want haha. Nevermind, i'll take 133K anyways :)

    Changed PSU to AX1200, noticeably stable vcore on GPU heh

    Test system:
    • MSI GTX275 Lightning GPU
    • Intel Core i5 2500K
    • Corsair Dominator GT Hypers
    • Kingpin Fatty pot
    • Corsair AX1200
    • Windows XP Pro

    Click on images for chew*'s GIGABYTE P67 theme song :D





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    Nov 13, 2007
    Nice overclock on that GPU.. damn. That is also one nice looking board.