Talk to me about Cisco UCS

Mar 15, 2002
Hey guys. We are a Dell shop and that has been the case since before I worked here. We had some IBM x series here at one time and there and of course our i5 but 95% was Dell.

Dell is having a lot of trouble. I'm concerned about how this will impact their research and dev processes moving forward and other things that may cause Dell to become stagnant. I like Dell for a few reasons. IMO their website is the best I've seen to use to build out a server. Their support for me has always been hassle free and I like the quality. Never had any major failures just maybe a hard drive on occasion. I'm familiar with their hardware and model scheme too, so having said that Dell has been a comfortable place for us here. I know some will not agree with HP's site being bad or IBM's hard drive quality being flakey at times so let us not concentrate on that please :) I get it. It is just preference.

Cisco: I've seen their website for server building and it is the closest to Dell's that I've seen and I've heard good things about them in the market. However I'm really not up on the Cisco systems and really what UCS has to offer. We don't have an blades here. What we do have is two sets of Vsphere Essentials Plus at two separate locations. We use Equallogic SANs too. I've not really seen a need yet to do any type of blade setups so having said that would Cisco's server offerings be beneficial? Are they really intended to be just another server on the network? What features could I benefit from using USC in such an environment?

Never mind. Got all the info I need. UCS feature set could be useful but not sure the price fits for us.
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Jul 22, 2005
We have 4 UCS blade enclosures here. AMA.

Probably my favorite feature of the UCS is the ability to move service profiles from blade to blade. This moves the physical server installed on the blade to another blade, but not only that it also moves the MAC address of all the adapters so as far as the OS in concerned it is the exact same blade. Makes maintenance and DR dead simple.


Mar 31, 2011
We installed a UCS chassis with 4 blades last fall that replaced a bunch of HP ProLiant DL360 G5 servers. The price was very competitive to the HP G7/G8 servers that we were looking at purchasing.