Tag Heuer releases $2,150 Mario smartwatch

I hate watches, but yes when you put it like that, stupid AF. Unfortunately they will sell thousands.
Not as cool as an automatic movement.
^^^^ This
I'm a Jaeger Lecoultre man myself. :p
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Also, this mario watch sucks, but Tag doesn't deserve the hate they receive.......but they do for this one, because its smartwatch and it's based on Mario which absolutely terrifies me. If it was based on Doom....then I'd respect it :)
Looks neat, to me. It's not even expensive. The face is a little too big, but that is to be expected from a "smart watch."


I'm a Jaeger Lecoultre man myself. :p
Fugly, for the most part, but I do like their Hybris Mechanica line. I would just never spend $1M on a watch even if I had the money. Well, maybe...
The real issue is that TAG is selling a special edition of a smartwatch using old internals and a version of Wear OS that's becoming obsolete. I'd rather wait a month, buy a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and find someone's unofficial Mario watch face instead.

(As an iPhone user I would actually buy an Apple Watch Series 7 when it arrives.)

As for conventional watches, my reasonable picks would be the Cartier Santos, Tudor Black Bay Bronze, and Nomos Metro... my spare-no-expense pick would probably be the Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planetarium, since I'm a fan of space and like out-there watches: