Tablet that can play Civ 5?


Aug 2, 2004
I've tried searching for this answer but the threads are years old. I figure (well hoping) with new technology and such that there is now a tablet that can play Civ 5 well. My question is, which models are there?

I know of the Nvidia Shield K1 and the Razer Edge Pro - both of which I'm trying to find atm and seems like Ebay will be my only option.

Beyond those two, are there any other tablets that can? Before I spend $300+ on Ebay I want to make sure there wasn't another option or two.

I'd like for it to have other tablet like features as well, just if I'm going to spend the money and buy a tablet want one that can play Civ 5.
Shield K1 won't play it - that's an Android tablet.

All of the Surface Pro tablets play it just fine, with varying graphics options. Generally speaking, anything with a Core m or a Core i CPU is up to the challenge. I've even played it on a Dell Venue 8 Pro (Bay Trail Atom) and it does work but is too slow to recommend.